Spring Plant Sale


This page has links to websites of Texas native plant sellers in Williamson County and nearby counties. If you know of a native plant seller not listed here, please advise us using the Contact form.


Area Sources of Native Plants

The Lady Bird Wildflower Center has a native plant sale each Spring and Fall. Their website can be used to locate native plants recommended for various geographical areas. A Central Texas Recommended Native Plant List is available.

Native American Seed sells seeds of native plants by mail order, and at the Wildflower Center during the semi-annual plant sales.

Area retail sources

The following sources have native plants in their nurseries. They may also have other plants that are well adapted, but are not native  to our area. We recommend asking for Texas native plants by species as well as common names. Businesses will respond to customer demand, and we should ensure that there is a demand for Texas native plants. Note: Most of the nurseries have web sites. Clicking on the links will take you off the NPSOT Williamson County web site.



Local Native Plant Sources — 6 Comments

  1. There are nurseries on this list that are out of business or no longer doing retail. Please update.
    Texas Ornamental Service-wholesale only
    Olde Thyme Gardens-out of business
    Sweetbriar Nursery-out of business
    Armand Hufault

  2. Olde Thyme Gardens is still in business in Taylor. Owned and operated by Bonnie and Leroy Sladek. Please add back to the list.

    Add McIntires Nursery in Georgetown and Wright’s Nursery in Briggs. I do not have all the pertinent info handy but you should be able to find on internet.

    Agnes Plutino

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