See this link on the state site for tips from our own Bob Kamper, More than pretty pictures — the functions of botanical photography.

If you’ve ever wanted to contribute to the photographs displayed on this blog/website, here is an opportunity for you. We are creating a new category called Scrapbooks in which will be posted informal pictures of NPSOT-Wilco activities and events for you to share your enjoyment and fun with others. We also will continue with the Seasonal Blooms category, in which we invite members to send in either photos of their own gardens, or other seasonal plants in bloom. Anyone who attends a Field Trip is invited to send their photos for inclusion under the Galleries menu under a Plant Survey gallery, a field trip page, or the Scrapbooks page.

Here are a few guidelines to facilitate sending your photos in for review and to maximize their probability of posting on the blog.

NPSOT-Wilco website guidelines for photography

  • Photos should be in the JPEG (.jpg) format, although PNG (Portable Network Graphic) files are also acceptable.
  • Photo dimensions should be no larger than approximately  1366 pixels on the long side, and less than 1MB in size.
  • Photos embedded in posts or on pages will be displayed as thumbnail (150×150 pixels)
    or medium (320×240 pixels) and when thepictureis clicked on, it will open to the large size (1024 pixels, for short).

    2014 Mar 21 015-Bob shoots an unknown flower. Photo by Kathy Henderson.

    2014 Mar 21 015-Bob shoots an unknown flower. Photo by Kathy Henderson.

  • All photo files should include the date taken,  photographer’s initials and a brief description, such as the scientific
    name – common name for a native plant, or names of people in the picture, or a short description of the picture. for example, to the right::
  • Try to remember the W’s of journalism, Who, what, when, where and why. A short paragraph containing this information will be very helpful in preparing photos for posting in the blog.
  • Unless otherwise specified, most of the photos on the website and the photo galleries were taken by the NPSOT-Wilco webmaster (from 2012 to 2014). Our policy is to specify the name of the photographer unless anonymity is requested,
  • The Media library will be used for the Photo Galleries pages.
  • YouTube video original content will be posted on the npsotwilco YouTube channel, and linked to or embedded from that location.
  • If you like, you can submit photos that link to an address in the internet (such as a Flickr account.).
  • Photos may be submitted as email attachments to the NPSOT-Wilco manager at Direct any questions to the same email address.
  • Copyright remains with the original photographer, although by submitting your photograph to NPSOT-Wilco, you grant us the right to use or modify the photo as we see fit. NPSOT-Wilco is a chapter of the Native Plant Society of Texas, a non-profit organization.