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Uvalde Wildscape Demonstration Garden at El Progreso Library has a Butterfly Garden, a Hummindbird Garden and a Pocket Prairie where visitors can become familiar with the native plants they can use in their own wildscapes.  Contact Elise Kirchoff for more information.

Visit or become a member.  Join us for future activities and presentations that increase knowledge and experience with our natural world.


  • President: Linda Hubbard, .linhub@yahoo.com
  • Vice President: Ann Fleming, annienettles@att.net
  • Secretary: George Stichler, george.stichler@gmail.com
  • Treasurer:  James Hildebrand, hildebrand.jr@gmail.com
  • Past President:  Elise Kirchoff, kelise@wildblue.net
  • Communications:  Anne Marie Espinoza, amespinoza1075@uvaldecisd.net
  • Parliamentarian:  Patricia Bryan, patricia.bryan@att.net

Time and place of meetings:  First Tuesday of each month, 6-7 pm at El Progreso Memorial Library in Uvalde.