Bexar Roots Fall 2020 Native Plant Sale

Pickup Curbside: Saturday, October 10 at EcoCentro

(1802 Main Ave., near San Antonio College)

The San Antonio Chapter of the Native Plant Society of Texas is holding a 48-hour online plant sale since we are unable to offer an in-person event at this time.   Order and pay for your plants online on October 5 and 6, 2020 and pickup curbside at your assigned time at EcoCentro on October 10. It’s that easy.

There are almost 40 species of plants available – mostly native perennials from a nursery and local independent growers in 4” and gallon sizes.   A list of plants offered can be viewed below.  The online store has photos and descriptions for each species offered to help you shop.

The link (above) to the online store will be displayed when the sale goes live at 12:01 a.m. on October 5 until 11:59 p.m. October 6.  San Antonio Chapter, NPSOT Members will be emailed in advance of the sale with a coupon code for 10% off.

Bonus items also offered:

  • Vegetable and herb plants can be ordered separately between Oct 5 and 8 and picked up along with your native plants. Contact SANO Nursery (  Please message them through Facebook regarding available plants and payment.
  • The City of San Antonio has donated a limited number of 1-gallon shade trees for those who purchase plants.  Available for pickup while supplies last.
  • The Monarch Butterfly and Pollinator Festival has donated a limited number seed packages for those who purchase plants. Available for pickup while supplies last.
Yellow Flowers
Photo by Andrew Awalt

Sponsored By:

Native Plant Society of Texas San Antonio

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Monarch Butterfly & Pollinator Festival special seed mix

We anticipate having the following plants available for the online sale. Please visit closer to the date as the list is subject to change.

Common NameScientific NameWater UseLight RequirementSoil MoistureDurationSales Area
AgaritaMahonia trifoliolataLowSun, Part ShadeDry, MoistPerennial
Avens, WhiteGeum canadenseMediumPart Shade, ShadeDry, MoistPerennialWhite
Bluestem, LittleSchizachyrium scopariumLowSun, Part ShadeDryPerennialGrasses & Succulents
Cactus, LaceEchinocereus reichenbachiiLowSunDryPerennialGrasses & Succulents
Coneflower, PurpleEchinacea purpureaMediumSun, Part ShadeDryPerennialBlue & Purple
Daisy, BlackfootMelampodium leucanthumLowSun, Part ShadeDryPerennialWhite Blooming
Dalea, BlackDalea frutescens LowSunDryPerennialBlue & Purple Blooming
DamianitaChrysactinia mexicanaLowSunDryPerennialYellow & Orange Blooming
ElderberrySambucus nigra ssp. canadensisMediumPart ShadeWetTreeTrees & Shrubs
Fall AsterSymphyotrichum oblongifoliumLowSun, Part ShadeDry, MoistPerennialBlue & Purple, Pollinator
Fall Obedient PlantPhysostegia virginianaSun, Part Shade, ShadeMoistPerennialBlue & Purple, Pollinator
FrostweedVerbesina virginicaLow, MediumPart Shade, ShadeDry, MoistPerennialWhite
GoldenrodSolidago altissimaMediumSun, Part ShadeMoistPerennialYellow & Orange
Inland Sea OatsChasmanthium latifoliumMediumPart Shade, ShadeMoistPerennialGrasses & Succulents
Lantana, TexasLantana urticoidesLowSunDryPerennialYellow & Orange
Milkweed, ButterflyAsclepias tuberosaLowSunDry, MoistPerennialPollinators
Milkweed, TexasAsclepias texanaPollinators
Milkweed, ZizotesAsclepias oenotheroidesPollinators
Milkweed Vine, PearlMatelea reticulataLowPart ShadeDryPerennial
Mistflower, Boneset / WhiteAgeratina havanensisSunDryPerennialWhite, Pollinators
Mistflower, Gregg'sConoclinium greggiiMediumSun, Part ShadeDryPerennialBlue & Purple
Penstemon, Brazos / Gulf CoastPenstemon tenuisMediumSun, Part ShadeMoistPerennial
Penstemon, Hill CountryPenstemon triflorusLowSunDryPerennial
PigeonberryRivina humilisMediumPart ShadeMoistPerennialPink & Red
Prairie VerbenaGlandularia bipinnatifidaLow, MediumPart ShadeDry, MoistPerennialBlue & Purple, Polliantors
Sage, CedarSalvia roemerianaRed & Pink Blooming
Salvia Gregg, Autumn SageSalvia greggiiLowSunDryPerennialRed Blooming
Sage, Mealy BlueSalvia farinaceaLowSunMoistPerennialBlue & Purple Blooming
Sage, Tropical (red, white, pink)Salvia coccineaMediumSun, Part Shade, ShadeDry, MoistPerennialRed & Pink Blooming
Sedge, WebbervilleCarex perdentataSunMoistPerennialGrasses & Succulents
SnakeherbDyschoriste linearisLowSunMoist, WetPerennialGroundcovers & Vines
Snapdragon VineMaurandella antirrhinifloraMediumPart ShadeDryPerennialGroundcovers & Vines
Standing Cypress / Texas Plume / Red Texas StarIpomopsis rubraMediumSun, Part ShadeDryBiennialPink & Red
Sunflower, MaximillanHelianthus maximilianiLowSunDry, MoistPerennialYellow & Orange
Western IronweedVernonia baldwiniiLowsunMoist
WinecupCallirhoe involucrataMediumSun, Part shadeDry, MoistBlue & Purple Blooming
Yucca, TwistleafYucca rupicolaLowSun, Part ShadeDryPerennial
ZexmeniaWedelia acapulcensis var. hispidaLowSun, Part ShadeDry, MoistPerennialYellow & Orange