January Meeting. February and March 2018 Events

Bring the Natives Home

Our speaker, January 22, 2018, the one and only Randy Johnson from Dallas. Most folks think of ‘wild spaces’ when the phrase ‘native plants’ is mentioned, but did you know that they transition very nicely into the home landscape? With an unparalleled expertise in the natural world, Randy will lead a walk and talk showing you how to transition to your home garden commonly seen native plants in the wild.

Our meeting will be at 6:30  in the Somervell County Citizens Center, 209 SW Barnard, Glen Rose.


Acton Nature Center Bird Walks

1st Saturday Bird Walks  Feb. 3RD, 2018 @7am FREE to All!!!
If you have them, bring binoculars and field guide.
Stroll along and learn with Dr. Billy Teels.
How many species will YOU see?

Feather Fest at Acton Nature Center March 24, 2018

Want to know more about the birds in your backyard?
The Acton Nature Center is hosting the 3rd Annual Feather Fest on Saturday, March 24.
This fun, free, and educational event is a celebration of all things birds, with activities for the whole family!
Activities include:
• educational presentations on birding
• raptors demonstrations, and
• craft activities for children
Visitors can also enjoy informational booths about
• Fossil Rim
• Cleburne State Park
• Dinosaur Valley State Park, and
• Native Plant Society
Bring your family to Acton Nature Center on March 24 to learn more about our feathered friends and the nature in your neighborhood. Admission is free and open to all ages.

October Native Plant Week November Meeting and Christmas

November Meeting

Mon, November 27, 6:00pm – 6:30pm Somervell County Citizen’s Center

Gifts of Color: native plant dyes

Jane adding dried sunflower petals to the dye pot.

Jane Packard presented an evening of fun with a  presentation on using native plants as dye August 28th at the Somervell County Citizen Center.  All members present chose yarn and chose a native plant to use as a dye medium. The meeting was well attended. Members also enjoyed home made desserts centered around the prickly pear cactus. Desserts were created by members Sandi Stringer and Linda Heideman. Program chairperson, Sandra Skrei was applauded for another wonderful Prairie Rose Chapter meeting.

All are encouraged to join us September 25, 2017. Our speaker on “Why Families are Important”, with Dr. Allen Nelson, Tarleton State, is going to be very informative. This is a chance for all of us to up our plant identification skills by focusing on plant families! Dr Nelson says his research interests are in floristi Octobercs, conservation, plant ecology, and plant systematics. His research group is active in working on the floristics of the Cross Timbers and Colorado River bottomland plant ecology. Students have been active in projects involving conservation of Cross Timbers plants. They have also completed studies that have examined the burrow ecology of the Texas kangaroo rat, a state-threatened species. Systematic studies of the genera Arachis (peanuts), Chelone (wild snapdragons endemic to eastern North America), Castilleja (paint brushes), and Nothochelone (a wild snapdragon endemic to western North America) are also ongoing. This will be held at the Somervell County Citizen’s Center at 6:30 PM with a short business meeting (all members encouraged to attend) at 6PM.

Also coming up is Prairie Rose Chapter’s participation in the Comanche Peak Native Arts Day Celebration 2017. It will be held Saturday, October 7 from 10:00 until 2:00 at the Comanche Peak Nature Trail. More details will become available soon.

We are planning our Native Plant Week October 14th thru the 21st.  Governor Perry designated the third week of October as Texas Native Week, in 2009  We will be holding our plant sale on the Square downtown Glen Rose on Saturday the 21st of October.

Prairie Rose will again, also join other organization to celebrate Halloween on the Glen Rose Court House Square at the end of October. Be thinking of a fun costume and collecting seeds to share in envelopes will hand out. If you have festive, holiday appropriate stickers we can apply to the envelopes, please share them with us soon that we can put them to good use!


August 28th Monthly at 6:00

July Meeting
We had a great speaker for the month of July meeting. Brooke Best explained to us about how the Botanical Research Institute of Texas uses succulents as part of their Living Roof!

Monday, August 28th
Get ready to dye! Dr. Jane Packard, formerly of Texas A&M and a research associate at Fossil Rim, will share some of her favorite native plants she uses to dye the yarn she makes! We’ll all be able to experiment with the dying process, and have some yarn to take home afterwards.

Every spring and fall the City of Burleson and Keep Burleson Beautiful sponsors a community clean-up event. We have our fall event scheduled for Saturday, September 9 from 9:00 – 11:00 meeting at Warren Park. September 9 is also National Planting Day ( see link below) so… we would like to incorporate National Planting Day with our Trash Bash Clean-up day .We were wondering if your group would be interested in volunteering with our event.


Wheeler Dam Trek

June Meeting.

On our regular evening meeting for the month of June, instead of being at the Somervell County Seniors Citizens Center, we actually hiked through the trails at Wheeler Dam. There were several of us there and while hiking we identified many of the native flowers and wild grasses of Texas.  The old  iron bridge from the river crossing at Tres Rios had been moved to Wheeler Dam about a year ago and is in the process of being installed.  This will be a great place to hike when all is done. Part of the trail had an old homestead that only had some remnants of the resident’s yard, a China Berry Tree and a trailing Lantana.  I have never seen that type of Lantana, but know they are invasive in Australia, but not here, since I have only seen one in Glen Rose!

July 24th,  The Living Roof at BRIT.  Learn about using succulents to keep your heating costs down, and your roof interesting!!!   With Brooke Byerley, Botanist, Botanical Research Institute of Texas, Ft. Worth.  6:00 pm, Somervell County Senior Citizens Center.
For more information, contact Program Chair Sandy Skrei, 512-554-7421, 4highhope@gmail.com. Check out our calendar at npsot.org/wp/prairieroselendar

Brooke earned a Ph.D. in Botany from Colorado State University, where she studied floral morphology and evolution in the genus Phlox (Polemoniaceae) and the impacts of native and invasive ant-plant interactions. She joined BRIT in 2007 and is currently working with BRIT Press to help edit and publish the Journal of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas and various book projects. Brooke’s research interests include the biogeography of Texas ferns and lycophytes, the ecology and long-term viability of BRIT’s living roof, and plant succession relative to shifting cultivation practices in Southeast Asia. In her free time, she enjoys collecting plants from the Rolling Plains region near Scurry County, Texas, and birding.



A Big Thank You from Dinosaur Valley State Park!

Prairie Rose NPSOT received a wonderful email from Nicole Gilbert, Assistant Supervisor of Dinosaur Valley State Park. On May 13th the park had their annual Spring Wing Ding event. Prairie Rose Chapter was one of many who joined them to celebrate the timely theme of bird migration! Below is Ms. Gilbert’s praise for the many participants.


Here is a fun picture from one of the stations

We could not have done it without your participation. Each year it gets better and better. We started the day with two bird walks (advanced and beginner) and then dove into the presenters and tent area soon thereafter. We had more visitors this year than the previous year (based on the full presenters tent and the tally we took at the TPWD tent we are estimating over 500 visitors) and lots of positive feedback on the selection and activities.




Prairie Rose Chapter of NPSOT update & schedule for March – April – May –June 2017

APRIL 22nd, Saturday Plant Hike with Jeff Quayles of the FW Native Prairie Society. SIGN-UP Required, meet in town at 8:30 AM, to a rare plant and then Chuck Snakard’s Prairie Restoration Project. Contact Sandy Skrei, 512-554-7421, 4highhope@gmail.com to sign up!

APRIL 24th, Monday. 6:00 Business Meeting, 6:30 Program, GET TO KNOW OUR GARDEN – If you have been too busy to enjoy and explore our garden, here is your chance to visit, explore, enjoy and learn about it with Karen Richardson and our other garden experts! We will see what is there, what needs pulling, mulching, trimming, etc.     Karen will show us the bulletin board we are setting up with things that we can do to help keep up with the garden when we visit with time on our hands! We will leave from the Senior Center and you can walk or drive to the square!

MAY 13th, Saturday, 7:00 Am to 3:00 PM Spring WingDing at Dinosaur Valley

This will be in lieu of the Fourth Monday program.

Come learn from local speakers, visit booths from nature-based organizations, and help us talk about Native Plants. We need volunteers to help us make our Wildflower Seed Balls with the kids at 11:00 and 1:00!



June 26th Monday,.     We will meet at the Pavilion at 6:00 pm, and investigate the native plants along their paved nature trail!

July 24th, The Living Roof at BRIT. Learn about using succulents to keep your heating costs down, and your roof interesting!!! With Brooke Byerley, Botanist, Botanical Research Institute of Texas, Ft. Worth.     6:00 pm, Somervell County Senior Citizens Center.

For more information, contact Program Chair Sandy Skrei, 512-554-7421,

March Newsletter: Feather Fest

Feather Fest

A celebration of all things Birds
Please join us for Feather Fest

Saturday, March 25, 2017 from 10-3
Acton Nature Center
6900 Smoky Hill Ct.

Activities include crafts for children                   
Presentations on Birding
Raptor Demonstrations
Fossil Rim Booth
Cleburne State Park Booth
Dinosaur Valley State Park Booth
Native Plant Society

Free Admission

The Prairie Rose booth will assist kids in making native seed balls and adults can peruse information on native plants, the Native Plant Society of Texas (NPSOT), or speak with local NPSOT members.

March 27 Meeting 6:00 p.m. Somervell County Citizens Center



Gregg Lee is a Texas Master Naturalist since 2005. As a TMN volunteer, for the last two years he has served as curator for the Texas Milkweeds and Monarchs Project started by TPWD to assess milkweed status in Texas. Since 2001, Gregg and his wife Carol have lived in the south corner of Somervell County about 12 road miles from Glen Rose, TX since 2001. Their property is restored and now maintained native habitat. Monarch butterflies visit during both spring and fall migration. In the spring there are over 100,000 milkweed plants. Numerous nectar flowers spring and fall.


His undergraduate degree is in Physics. After Army Service he returned to Texas Instruments (TI) and a few years later earned an MBA while working. Most of his career was with TI. Initially in Semiconductor Research and Development, then in competitor assessment, asset and financial planning and forecasting. For 15 years before he retired he managed Financial Planning and other functions within the Corporate Finance Division.



Program Summary.


Texas Milkweeds and Monarchs. The program is in three parts (the order may change)

-About Milkweed (genus Asclepias) mostly focusing on Texas but with broader overview. Unique characteristics of milkweeds; where they grow; what they look like; and their peculiar and anatomically confusing flowers. Life cycle; what else besides Monarch butterfly larvae eat and inhabit milkweeds.


– Milkweeds occurring in Texas showing data from the TPWD project. This adds “when” do they grow to where do they grow, by species. This will show some of the analysis and display capabilities of iNaturalist, on which the project data is collected and archived.


– The relationship of Milkweeds and Monarchs. Review of Monarch migration basics. Compare when Monarchs and Milkweeds occur in the same place at the same time. Consider what actions seem appropriate to “manage” milkweed in TexasWe hope that you will come join us.


Meeting Reminder Feb. 27, 6 p.m. at Somervell County Citizens Center

Sam Kieschnick, an Urban Wildlife Biologist with Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, will teach us how to use the free app iNaturalist on our phones.  How many times have you been exploring or hiking outside and stopped to look at something and wondered what it was? This app is a tool that can help you learn what is out there and answer the question “What is that?”  We hope to see you at the meeting.