Wheeler Dam Trek

June Meeting.

On our regular evening meeting for the month of June, instead of being at the Somervell County Seniors Citizens Center, we actually hiked through the trails at Wheeler Dam. There were several of us there and while hiking we identified many of the native flowers and wild grasses of Texas.  The old  iron bridge from the river crossing at Tres Rios had been moved to Wheeler Dam about a year ago and is in the process of being installed.  This will be a great place to hike when all is done. Part of the trail had an old homestead that only had some remnants of the resident’s yard, a China Berry Tree and a trailing Lantana.  I have never seen that type of Lantana, but know they are invasive in Australia, but not here, since I have only seen one in Glen Rose!

July 24th,  The Living Roof at BRIT.  Learn about using succulents to keep your heating costs down, and your roof interesting!!!   With Brooke Byerley, Botanist, Botanical Research Institute of Texas, Ft. Worth.  6:00 pm, Somervell County Senior Citizens Center.
For more information, contact Program Chair Sandy Skrei, 512-554-7421, 4highhope@gmail.com. Check out our calendar at npsot.org/wp/prairieroselendar

Brooke earned a Ph.D. in Botany from Colorado State University, where she studied floral morphology and evolution in the genus Phlox (Polemoniaceae) and the impacts of native and invasive ant-plant interactions. She joined BRIT in 2007 and is currently working with BRIT Press to help edit and publish the Journal of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas and various book projects. Brooke’s research interests include the biogeography of Texas ferns and lycophytes, the ecology and long-term viability of BRIT’s living roof, and plant succession relative to shifting cultivation practices in Southeast Asia. In her free time, she enjoys collecting plants from the Rolling Plains region near Scurry County, Texas, and birding.



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