March 27 Meeting 6:00 p.m. Somervell County Citizens Center



Gregg Lee is a Texas Master Naturalist since 2005. As a TMN volunteer, for the last two years he has served as curator for the Texas Milkweeds and Monarchs Project started by TPWD to assess milkweed status in Texas. Since 2001, Gregg and his wife Carol have lived in the south corner of Somervell County about 12 road miles from Glen Rose, TX since 2001. Their property is restored and now maintained native habitat. Monarch butterflies visit during both spring and fall migration. In the spring there are over 100,000 milkweed plants. Numerous nectar flowers spring and fall.


His undergraduate degree is in Physics. After Army Service he returned to Texas Instruments (TI) and a few years later earned an MBA while working. Most of his career was with TI. Initially in Semiconductor Research and Development, then in competitor assessment, asset and financial planning and forecasting. For 15 years before he retired he managed Financial Planning and other functions within the Corporate Finance Division.



Program Summary.


Texas Milkweeds and Monarchs. The program is in three parts (the order may change)

-About Milkweed (genus Asclepias) mostly focusing on Texas but with broader overview. Unique characteristics of milkweeds; where they grow; what they look like; and their peculiar and anatomically confusing flowers. Life cycle; what else besides Monarch butterfly larvae eat and inhabit milkweeds.


– Milkweeds occurring in Texas showing data from the TPWD project. This adds “when” do they grow to where do they grow, by species. This will show some of the analysis and display capabilities of iNaturalist, on which the project data is collected and archived.


– The relationship of Milkweeds and Monarchs. Review of Monarch migration basics. Compare when Monarchs and Milkweeds occur in the same place at the same time. Consider what actions seem appropriate to “manage” milkweed in TexasWe hope that you will come join us.

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