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Thursday, March 15, 2018

“Improving Soil Function with Native Vegetation”

By Jared McNabb

President/Co-Founder of Restoration Organics – Soil Health Management, and

President/Co-Founder of Locals Nursery – Native Wetland, Woodland, & Prairie Vegetation for Restoration – Coming Spring 2018.

 6:45 pm – Meet, Greet & Discuss with Refreshments

7:15 pm – Chapter Meeting and Presentation

Venue: Houston Arboretum and Nature Center

IMPORTANT: Click here for new entrance instructions from I-610 West Loop.

Presentation Summary

New development and common landscaping techniques damage not only the native flora and fauna habitats that we see at the surface but wreak havoc on the soil ecology beneath our feet. By assessing the current soil health and identifying the end goals of a project, successional measures can be taken to improve drainage, retention, nutrient storage, and filtration for proper soil function and the establishment of desired vegetation. Jared will discuss five soil functions, the inhabitants beneath our feet, and ways to use local plants as tools to address common landscape dilemmas.

About the Speaker

After spending a decade working in the commercial landscape industry and with a passion for soil ecology, Jared McNabb was at odds with current practices. By focusing on restoring soil function and the importance of conserving native vegetation local to our region, Jared created Restoration Organics. Jared’s mission is to excite local communities with the benefits that natural ecosystem services can provide when implemented into our public spaces and facilities. Jared partners with utility districts, HOAs, institutions, developers, and landowners to utilize renewable resources, bio-technical approaches, and native vegetation to restore the soil’s health and establish natural habitats that provide erosion control and multifunctional landscapes. Jared is on the Board of Advisors at Bayou Land Conservancy and is also a member of their Ambassador Program that provides stewardship to trails and preserves by controlling invasive species and maintaining their safety for public access.

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2018 Monthly Meetings and Speaker Programs

January 18th – “Native Plant Propagation: Hard Work, Fun, and Magic”, Mark Morgenstern (Morning Star Prairie Plants).

February 15th – “Natural Resources Mangement: A Story of Two Cities”, Cullen Ondracek (City of Pearland) and Kelli Ondracek (City of Houston).

March 15th – “Importance of Soil Life & Ways to Improve It”, Jared McNabb (Restoration Organics).

April 19th – “Deep Resilience: Learning the Song of our Land, John Jacobs Ph.D. (Professor Texas A&M and Texas AgriLife Extension Specialist, Director, Texas Community Watershed Partners).

May 17th – “Houston Saline Prairies: Rarest Communities but Lots of Interesting Plant Species, Andy Newman (Citizen Scientist).

June 21st – “A Love Affair with Pollinators: Confessions of a Citizen Scientist, Lauren Simpson (Citizen Scientist).

July 19th – Subject / speaker to be announced.

August 16th – Subject – “Gardening with the Native Plants in the 2018 Wildscapes Workshop Plant Sale”, Katy Emde.

September 20th – “A Plan for Houston’s Greenspace Future with Native Plants and Restoring Local Ecoregions”, Carolyn White (Memorial Park Conservancy).

October 18th – “Maintaining Coastal Bird Populations and Habitats”, Dennis Jones (Coastal Warden Upper Texas Coast, Audubon TEXAS, National Audubon Society).

November 15th – “Native Plant and Seed Swap and Seasonal Potluck Celebration”, no speaker (bring plants and seeds to swap).

December 20th – “Holiday Dinner Party”, No speaker (dinner at a local restaurant).

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