NPSOT: Grants Available for Monarch Habitat Gardens

Our parent state organization – The Native Plant Society of Texas – just announced that applications are open for the 6th annual Grant for Monarch Habitat Gardens and are due by February 15. “Small financial awards in the amounts of $50.00 to $400.00 are available to public sites including schools, nature centers, and other organizations for native plants to create demonstration gardens or “Monarch Waystations” with habitat for migrating Monarchs and other native pollinator species.” Successful proposals will be announced March 1.

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Texas provides important breeding habitat as well as migratory habitat as the Monarchs travel to and from their wintering grounds in Mexico….The purpose of this program is to raise public awareness for Monarch conservation, to produce and distribute native milkweeds and nectar plants that are essential to reproduction by Monarch butterflies, and to restore Monarch habitats through the Texas migration flyway.”

In addition to the blog announcing this grant, the state NPSOT website,, has many interesting blogs on its home page. The latest one is titled “A flower for all seasons” – “Four-nerve Daisy can and will bloom in all the months of the year.” To read these blogs either go to or subscribe (at this link) to get their blogs in your email.

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