Flo Hannah

Information transferred from the NPSOTH website home page:

NPSOT Houston Chapter, and Houston’s Native Plant and Conservation Communities
Mourn the Loss of Flo Hannah
Former NPSOTH Field Trip Coordinator, Board Member, and
Passionate Advocate for Our Local Native Plants

View Flo Hannah’s Obituary in the Houston Chronicle
Link to a blog of some of her accomplishments

Photo by Don Verser

A memorial service was held at Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church at 11:00 am on January 16. Despite the icy weather, the service was attended by many people, including NPSOTH members Linda Knowles, Mary Spolyar, Suzy Shapiro, Lan Shen, and many Houston Audubon members who are also NPSOT members.
Some of remembrances of Flo written by NPSOTH members and native plant advocates:
Sheryl Marquez, NPSOTH Treasure: “A big loss for the native plant and prairie restoration community.”
Nancy Hannon: “…I am so shocked and sad.  Flo was such an inspiration and driving force to our local native plant/prairie partner communities and, I suspect , to the wider world as well.She was such an excellent teacher – so willing and patient, particularly to ‘newbies’ Too sad…
Jaime Gonzalez of Katy Prairie Conservancy, a frequent speaker at NPSOTH events and collaborator of NPSOTH: “It is with a very heavy heart that I write to you today. Our friend Flo Hannah lost her battle with cancer this afternoon. She fought until the end. 
Flo was a wonderful advocate for nature and an even better friend and mentor. Her spirit, vision, passion, and smile will be sorely missed by all of us.”

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