#TXplants Twitter Event Features WATER & NATIVE PLANTS

Green roofs, Rainwater harvesting, Water smart gardening, rain gardens.

#TXplants Twitter Event Features WATER & NATIVE PLANTS 

Where: On Social Media Platform Twitter (click here) 

When: Monday, March 13, 2017, 7-8 pm CT on Twitter 

How: Search/Follow hashtag #TXplants (click here)

The third #TXplants Twitter event will be held Monday evening March 13th 7-8 pm CT and will focus on all things related to water & native plants:

  • Water smart gardens
  • Green roofs
  • Rain gardens
  • Swales
  • Rain water harvesting
  • Flood prevention
  • Native plants and prairies

Daniel Cunningham

Our featured Tweeter for this exciting, fast paced event will be Daniel Cunningham, a horticulturalist with Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Center’s Water University in Dallas, Texas. Daniel will address sustainable landscape water use from design and plant selection to water conserving and landscape management practices. Daniel has a wealth of knowledge specializing in Texas native plants, vegetable gardening, edible landscaping and rainwater harvesting.

Sample discussions for this event include:

Active rainwater harvesting – Is it just a drop in the bucket or the “ultimate” water conservation tool? It’s not just the water it saves; it is a teaching tool. People just seem to have this “ah ha” moment after they hook up a barrel and start saving.

Passive rainwater harvesting using rain gardens, bioswales, aka green infrastructure – Daniel believes they are pretty important if not integral parts of the water management solution and promote Texas native plants, too.

Native plants and prairies – Do they offer a way to leverage natural environments for the benefit of flood control? How efficient are they really in terms of rain water holding capacity?

We welcome you to bring your questions for Professor Cunningham and you’re your experiences to share with others.

Access the #TXplants discussion from your Twitter page in your browser or Twitter app on your computer, pad or smartphone. Simply follow or search using this hashtag link #TXplants. Another way to monitor or join in the discussion using TweetChat at: http://tweetchat.com/room/txplants

You can experiment with it now and see who’s there and what they are sharing, and maybe launch off a few preliminary tweets to say hello. Or, for seasoned “twitterers” just show up January 13th 7-8 pm CT and join the Twitter discussion.

We will be joined by fellow NPSOT members and friends of native plants and prairies from across America on Twitter for our upcoming March 13th Also, look for members Bill Hopkins and James Holmes who will be tweeting for the NPSOT state organization and Houston chapter Twitter accounts: @NPSOT@NPSOT_HOU.

We look forward to your participation…mark your calendars for this fun-filled educational event.

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