Texas Native Mushrooms

Texas Native Mushrooms – To Eat or Not to Eat?

NPSOT Houston Chapter meeting presentation (January, 2017) by David Lewis, Field Museum of Natural History and Tracy Herbarium at Texas A&M University. Video by NPSOT-Houston Chapter member Nivien Saleh

This presentation gives interesting examples, information and images of common mushrooms and fungi of the Texas Gulf coast. Mr. Lewis discusses three types of fungi. He goes into detail on the common mycorrhizal genera found here, such as Amanita, Russula, Lactarius, Boletus, Cortinarius, and several others. As the genus Amanita contains some of the most deadly mushrooms, particular attention will paid to them.

He discusses the saprophytic genera of the area and examples of common lawn-growing mushrooms are given. Edibility of the local Texas Mushrooms is also discussed.


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