2017 Wildscapes Workshop Postponed Due to Hurricane Harvey

Flooding in Houston-area from Hurricane Harvey

2017 Wildscapes Workshop Postponed Due to Hurricane Harvey

Hello Wildscapes Workshop attendees:

I truly hope that you all came through Hurricane Harvey without much devastation. I am very grateful for a few inconveniences I have experienced.

The Native Plant Society of Texas- Houston Chapter has decided to postpone our 2017 Wildscapes Workshop scheduled for September 9th.

On Friday, we were notified by the Houston Community College that they could not support our event because so many of their staff had been impacted by the storm.

Through emails, phone calls and finally a meeting, the committee decided that our best option was to postpone the event. Finding another venue at this late date would be impossible. Also, we considered that even those who weren’t flooded, many could still be getting their lives back together for weeks, or more. Another factor is that our speakers have committed to this date and may not be available for any particular date.

We will be contacting venues, speakers, volunteers, and plant suppliers to determine a future date. We wanted to send out the first bit of information before we are able to find answers to all the different factors, which could take more than a week. I will let you know the date as soon as it has been chosen, with more details to follow.

Considerations & Options:

If anyone wants a refund now, reply to me at this email. No excuse necessary! However, you most likely will not be able to re-register, as your spot will go to the waitlist. Or. you can wait to hear the date and details before you decide you need to cancel. I’m accepting refund requests up until the day before the event, However, please cancel as soon as you know you cannot attend. We have sold out the event and have quite a waitlist of people who would like to come.

Call 832-859-9252 or send an email to nphouston3@gmail.com.


Sheryl Marquez

Registrar – Wildscapes Workshop