The Dallas chapter is proud to offer grants for native plants gardens.


Grants shall be awarded based on projects which uses a majority of native Texas plants.


  • The Dallas Chapter will budget $1000 per year for grants.  Individual grants will have a maximum amount of $200 to allow at least 5 grants per year.
  • Please request the amounts to be awarded.  Every effort will be made to award that amount unless funds are limited.
  • Groups are not required to spend their own funds to match the amount of the grant.



Grants may only be awarded to the same organization/project only once within calendar year.  Grants are not available for private home gardens.

Approved Types of Expenditures

Funds must be spent on native plants.

Grant Administration Committee

The Dallas chapter board members shall serve as the grant administration committee. The committee’s duties are to evaluate and rank grant applications and to award grants. Evaluation will be based on each plan’s completeness, feasibility and benefit to the Society and to the programs goals.


  • Application to the Grant Committee must be made by one month before the grant is needed.
  • Grants will be awarded within one month.
  • Funds are to be spent within 6 months of grant award date.



Progress photos will be greatly appreciated but not required.  Final project photos, project report, and receipts of purchases will be required.

Application Requirements

  • List person responsible for the administration of the project, their affiliation and their contact information.
  • Describe how the project will benefit the receiving organization.
  • Describe the project location and design concept. Include a sketch plan and an example list of native plants to be used. (All projects must use mostly native Texas plants.)
  • Create an activity/task schedule and maintenance program.


Submit application to

The current chapter president –

Fine Print

Additions and/or changes to these parameters can be made at any time.