Members of the Native Plant Society of Texas are encouraged to join and participate in our local chapters. You may join one local chapter at no extra cost, and you may join multiple chapters by paying a small additional administrative fee for each one.

Local chapters across the state help promote the Native Plant Society of Texas mission while providing a social context which many members enjoy. Each chapter chooses projects according to the interests of their members, and organizes local field trips, meetings, plant sales and other events. Most chapters publish their own websites and newsletters.

Chapters enjoy the strengths and legal benefits of being one incorporated non-profit organization. Our corporate office in Fredericksburg handles common administrative work and is the center point for statewide programs.


Find a local chapter

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Start a new chapter

If there is not a local chapter convenient to where you live or work, you can still enjoy many of the benefits of membership. However another option is to start a new chapter.

How to start your own local chapter