The Austin and Williamson County chapters of NPSOT are creating a reference of plant lists and databases for areas in and around central Texas, and also expanding the reference to areas throughout Texas.

By creating a reference for area plant lists, we can help native plant education, advocacy, and conservation efforts.  We can also make offline lists more widely available by posting them online with the author’s permission.

If you have a plant list you would like to submit, or know of existing plant lists that would be candidates to add to this page,  please email the chapter webmaster.   We recommend plant lists include common name, genus, species, and native/non-native status of the species.

Thanks!  [Version 3.5, last updated Tue Feb 27 12:00:14 CST 2007]

Table of Contents

Plant Lists for Central Texas Locations

Plant Lists for Specific Purposes

Plant Lists for Other Areas of Texas

Plant Lists for Larger Areas and Statewide Lists

Other References

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