AUSTIN CHAPTER MEETINGS are held on the 3rd Tuesday of most months from 7:00-9:00 p.m. Below is a list of our 2018 meeting dates:
  • February 20
  • March 20
  • May 15
  • June 19
  • August 21
  • September 18
  • November 20 –  Tentative meeting date due to Thanksgiving week, will discuss with chapter closer to date
  • December 18 – Holiday Potluck, location TBD
Our meeting location is:
Administration building of the Tarrytown United Methodist Church
2601 Exposition Blvd.
Austin, TX 78703.
Our meetings are in the administration building on the southeast corner of Greenlee and Exposition. There is parking and an elevator in the garage, which can be entered from Greenlee.
 Native Landscape Certification Classes
– Learn the value of including and preserving native plants in landscapes.
– Discover the differences between sustainable and conventional development.
– Understand your Texas vegetation region and soil.
– Become familiar with 45 native Texas plants recommended for your landscape and 5 plants to avoid.

The course includes a classroom session and a 2 hour outdoor plant knowledge walk.

The Native Plant Society (NPSOT) offers two levels of certificates:
Completion – attend the full day.
Competency – attend the full day and pass a test at the end of the class.

Students graduating with either certificate may progress to another class level.

DETAILS about upcoming Austin Chapter meetings and events will be announced on our home page. Below is a summary of what’s coming, so you can plan your calendars.
Information about AUSTIN CHAPTER FIELD TRIPS can be found under the FIELD TRIPS tab.
  • September 19: Chapter Meeting with Nico Hauwert PhD, on Influence of Groundwater on Native Landscape.
  • August 15: Chapter Meeting with Minnette Marr on Uses of the LBJ Wildflower Center Seed Bank.
  • June 20: Chapter Meeting with Cliff Tyllick on Expelling Unwelcome Guests from Austin Forests.
  • May 16: Chapter meeting with Chris Caran, c0-author of Discovering Westcave
  • March 21: Chapter meeting with David Todd, author of The Texas Landscape Project
  • February 25: NPSOT spring symposium at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.
  • January 21:  Chapter meeting with Romey Swanson.


  • December 13:  Holiday Pot luck dinner
  • November 15Chapter meeting Barbara Austin and Chris Lalich, Work on the Mueller, Southwest and Southeast Greenways
  • October 14-15:  Plant Sale at the Wildflower Center.
  • September 20Chapter meeting Megan O’Connell- Plant Phenology.
  • August 16Chapter meeting Cathy Downs, Monarch Project
  • June 21:  Chapter meeting Val Bugh, “Floral Fauna.”
  • Nature nights at the LBJ Wildflower center: Thursdays 6-9pm,  starting June 9.
  • May 17:  Chapter meeting with Alyssa Burgin on the “Texas Drought Project”
  • April 16: Native Plant Swap at Mother’s Cafe and Garden (4215 Duval) organized by NWF Habitat Steward Carleen Edgar
  • April 16:  Bioblitz at Commons Ford
  • April 8-10: Spring Plant Sale at the Wildflower Center
  • April 2-3: Outreach booth at the Zilker Garden Festival
  • March 15:Chapter meeting with a panel and discussion on Fall Bloomers.
  • March 12:  NPSOT Spring Symposium at the Wildflower Center
  • March 5:  It’s My Park Day! in Austin
  • February 16: Chapter meeting with Andrea DeLong-Amaya on Native Plants for Home Gardens.
  • January 19: Chapter meeting with Marya Fowler on Landscape Design


  • December 15:Holiday potluck party
  • November 17:Chapter meeting with Cullen Hanks on Biodiversity in Texas
  • October 15-18: Fall Symposium
  • October 9-11:Wildflower Center Native Plant Sale
  • September 15: Chapter meeting with panel of experts on Spring Blooming Plants
  • August 18:  Chapter meeting with Dr. Karen Clarey, Texas Yuccas
  • July 21:Chapter meeting with Bill Reiner, Forest Fauna of the Balcones Canyonlands Preserve
  • June 18, July 9:Nature Nights at the Wildflower Center
  • May 19:  Chapter meeting “Two Guys Talk Trees” with certified arborists Guy LeBlanc and Jon Ogden
  • April 10-12:  SPRING PLANT SALE at the Wildflower Center.
  • March 28:  Spring Symposium all day at the Wildflower Center
  • March 17:  Chapter meeting with Meg Inglis on Small Scale Restoration
  • February 28:Pollinator Powwow at the Wildflower Center.
  • February 17:Chapter meeting with Jim O’Donnell on Creating Abundance in Endangered Species Habitat at the Vireo Preserve
  • January 24:  Flo Oxley’s Plant Taxonomy classes
  • January 20:Chapter meeting with Betsy Ross on Building Prairies, Lawns and Meadows with Native Plants and Soil Microbes


  • December 16:Holiday potluck and silent auction
  • November 18:Chapter meeting, with Meredith O’Reilly on the maintenance of native gardens
  • October 10-12:Fall Plant Sale at the Ladybird Wildflower Center and NPSOT/State Fall Symposium
  • September 16:Chapter meeting with Jane Tillman on “Deer resistant native plants”
  • September 4:Fall Habitat Steward training begins
  • August 24:Plant rescue on Travis County’s BCP Lucas tract properties near junction of 620 and Steiner Ranch Blvd
  • September 13:Monarch Appreciation Day at Zilker Botanical Garden
  • August 19:  Chapter meeting with the film “Green Fire”
  • June 17:  Chapter meeting with Pat Merkord
  • June 12:   Wildflower Center’s first “Nature Night”—Plants and Play—in the new Luci and Ian Family Garden
  • May 20: Chapter meeting with Leslie Bush on “Ancient People, Ancient Plants, Central Texas: Things We Know and How We Know Them.”
  • April 15:  Spring potluck and brief meeting with NPSOT/State Board members
  • March 18:  Meredith O’Reilly, Native plants for four seasons of food for wildlife
  • February 18: Greg Creacy, Post-wildfire Ecology and Restoration of Bastrop State Park
  • January 21: Stephen Scace, The native grass mixture known as HABITURF™.


  • November 19:  Bill Carr, Plants of the Eocene Sands.
  • September 17: Paul Montgomery and Meredith O’Reilly, Spring Bloomers for Central Texas.
  • June18: Ralph Yznaga, Author, Living Witness: Historic Trees of Texas.
  • May 20: Jim Rooni, Chief Regional Forester, Texas A & M Forest Service, Bastrop Fire Recovery.
  • March 19: Cathy Nordstrom and Mike Powers (discussion hosts), Fall Bloomers—Care & Feeding.
  • February 19: Minnette Marr, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, Adventures with Native Plant Enthusiasts: Establishing the Best Little Seed Bank in Texas.
  • January 15: Michael Warriner, Texas Parks and Wildlife, Bumblebees of Texas.


  • November 20: Lynne and Jim Weber, authors, on Nature Watch Austin: Guide to the Seasons in an Urban Wildland.
  • September 18:  Lisa O’Donnell, Senior Biologist for the City of Austin’s Balcones Canyonlands Preserve, spoke on History of Juniper-Oak Woodlands in the Central Texas Landscape.
  • August 21:Fall BloomersCare and Feeding. Roundtable discussion of spring-blooming plants hosted by Paul Montgomery,  compiled by Mike Powers and with a slideshow by Cathy Nordstrom.
  • June 19: Video presentation: Wildflowers: Seeds of History produced by Austin public television station KLRU.
  • May 15: Spring BloomersCare and Feeding. Roundtable discussion of spring-blooming plants hosted by Mike Powers with slideshow by Cathy Nordstrom.
  • March 20: Sean Compton, landscape architect, presented Williamson County’s Protocol for Sustainable Roadsides.
  • February 21: David Matthews, teacher at Small Middle School, presented How to Get Kids Interested in Plants.
  • January 17: Dale Rye, former Williamson County Attorney presented Low Impact Development: Bringing Conservation and Conservatives Together.


  • November 15: Val Bugh, naturalist and photographer, will present Floral Fauna, a survey of tiny critters living within local native floral habitat.
  • October 18: Jared Pyka, of the Native Texas Nursery, presents Native Plant Propagation.
  • September 20: Chuck Sexton, wildlife biologist, will present Energy Flow in the Landscape, a fun, non-technical exploration of how Mother Nature harnesses energy to organize…and disorganize…herself.
  • August 16: Mary Collins Blackman, curator of Austin’s Elizabet Ney Museum, will present an overview of their landscape-restoration project:  “Elizabet Ney’s Formosa, 1892-1907, A Native Landscape Dream.”
  • June 21:   Beyrl Armstrong, of Plateau Ecological Management Services, presents: “Managing Land to the New Realities of Global Climate Change.”  This meeting was preceded at 6:00 p.m. by a gathering of the Rare Plant Rebels (rare plant & seed exchange group).
  • May 17: Andrea DeLong-Amaya &  Sean Watson, both of the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, present “Lesser-Known, Garden-WorthyNative Plants” respresenting some of the recent success stories they’ve had at the Wildflower Center.
  • May 14: Fieldtrip to central Austin urban restoration projects Willowbrook Reach and Mueller Prairie.
  • Mar. 15: Steven Schwartzman wows us with his photography in “The World of Nature in Central Texas.”
  • Feb. 15: Dr. Monica Swartz, Director of the Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve and Assoc. Prof. at St. Edward’s University, presents “Rare Native Plant Conservation at Home–A Radical Proposal.”
  • Jan. 18: Dr. Wendy Gordon, biologist with Texas Parks and Wildlife, presents “Climate Change, Biodiversity and Texas.”



  • Nov 2009: Eleanor McKinney – Green Roofs
  • Sep 2009: Dan Hosage – Landscaping for Drought and Wetland Plants
  • Aug 2009: Denise Delaney – Grow Green Austin!
  • Jun 2009: Jill Nokes – Austin Parks Foundation projects
  • May 2009: Jack Neff – Native Texas bees
  • Mar 2009: Matt T urner: Remarkable Plants of Texas
  • Feb 2009: Bob Ayres: Shield Ranch:  Bullets, Hooves, Caterpillars and Pyrotechnics:  A Roughshod Approach to Rangeland Restoration
  • Jan 2009: Sultan Quedensley: PhD Student, Plant Biology, UT: Central Texas Lichens


  • Nov 2008: Tim Fennell:  Prairie Birds of Central Texas
  • Sep 2008: David Mahler: The Ferns of Texas and Their Place in the North American Flora
  • Aug 2008: Mike Quinn:  Butterfly Behavior and Caterpillar Conduct:  Butterfly Life History as Seen Through the Monarch and Its Relatives
  • Jun 2008: Gardening Panel:  Cathy Nordstrom; Andrea DeLong-Amaya; David Heberling
  • May 2008: Mike Powell: Prof. Emer. Sul Ross State Univ.:   Some Special Cacti of Texas
  • Apr 2008: [Pot luck social:   Wild Basin]
  • Mar 2008: Bill Carr: Botanist for TNC:  Rare Plants of Texas
  • Feb 2008: Sue Wiseman: Pres. CAMN:  SINS:  Substitutes for Invasive Non-Natives
  • Jan 2008:  Film:  America’s Lost Landscape:  The Tallgrass Prairie


  • Nov 2007: Katie Hansen:  UT Sch. of Biological Sciences:  Native Passionflowers
  • Sep 2007: Andrea Delong Amaya: Wildflower Center:  Fun Gardening with Native Plants
  • Aug 2007: Pat & Dale Bulla:  Creating Backyard Habitat:  [Substituted for:  Rich Zarria: Sales Mgr., Texas Native Nursery: Plant Propagation
  • Jun 2007: Susan Rieff:  Wildflower Center:  Current Happenings and Future Plans
  • May 2007: Jon Brandt:  Master Naturalist and geoscientist:  Native Soils of Central Texas
  • Apr 2007: [Pot luck social:   Molly & Jon Ogden’s house]
  • Mar 2007: Paul Domaruk:  TreeFolks Inc.:  Planting Shade Trees in Austin [Substituted for Scott Harris]
  • Feb 2007: Steve Schwartzman: Austin NPSOT:   Native Plant Photography
  • Jan 2007: [Cancelled – ice storm]


  • Nov 2006: Jane Tillman: CAMN:  Wildlife Habitats and NWF Certification
  • Sep 2006: Brian & Shirley Loflin:  Grasses of the Texas Hill Country
  • Aug 2006: Panel discussion:  care & maintenance of native plants
  • Jun 2006: [Pot luck social – Wild Basin]
  • May 2006: Kelly Bender:  TPWD Biologist and Author:  Urban issues and ecology.
  • Apr 2006: Mike Powers:  Wild Basin:  Tails from the Trails – anecdotes & stories from 25 yrs
  • Mar 2006: Dr. Bob Harms:  Texas Barberry
  • Feb 2006: Dr. Norma Fowler:  UT Sch. of Biological Sciences:  Ecology of the Edwards Plateau
  • Jan 2006: Dr. Matt Turner:  Ethnobotany of Hill Country Plants


  • Nov 2005: Jason Spangler:  NPAT:  Tallgrass Prairies
  • Sep 2005: Dr. B. L. Turner:  UT Sch. of Biological Sciences:  Fall Composites
  • Aug 2005: Jon Ogden:  Arborist:  Pruning Trees
  • Jun 2005: [Pot luck social – Pat & Dale Bulla]
  • May 2005: Andrea Delong-Amaya:  Wildflower Center: Water Gardening with Natives

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