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Please join us Tuesday, February 20, 2018 for our next Chapter meeting.  Join us for a panel discussion on SOIL (don’t call it dirt!).  We’ll learn what dirt is and how it differs from soil, the basics of vital soil, and how we can improve the soil we have. We’ll also discuss/share soil successes and answer your specific questions.  Bonus – We will also have handouts of several successful Central Texas Soil Recipes so you can then “cook up” your own soil!

Our panel of experts include George Altgelt, a soil expert at GeoGrowers, David Heberling from Prairiewood Landscaping, and Paul Montgomery and Ed Travis who are NPSOT Austin Chapter members and Growers for our plant sales.

“…there are more kinds and numbers of minute livestock hidden in the shallows and depths of an acre of soil than ever walk the surface of that field.” Attributed to Charlie Walters, editor of Acres U.S.A.  Secrets of the Soil, Peter Tomkins & Christopher Bird

The meeting is at 7:00 the administration building of Tarrytown United Methodist Church, 2531 Exposition Blvd., Austin. Arrive at 6:30 for friendship, snacks and seed exchange.

 Our Chapter will have the Level 1: Introduction to Native Landscapes class on Saturday, March 24th, 2018
– Learn the value of including and preserving native plants in landscapes.
– Discover the differences between sustainable and conventional development.
– Understand your Texas vegetation region and soil.
– Become familiar with 45 native Texas plants recommended for your landscape and 5 plants to avoid.The course includes a classroom session and a 2 hour outdoor plant knowledge walk.

The Native Plant Society (NPSOT) offers two levels of certificates:
Completion – attend the full day.
Competency – attend the full day and pass a test at the end of the class.

Students graduating with either certificate may progress to another class level.