Capit-O-lize on Natives: Contributions, Challenges, Conservation

Austin and Williamson County Native Plant Societies of Texas (NPSOT) are hosting the annual state symposium giving attendees a wonderful chance to hear some great speakers and go on some once in a lifetime field trips. In addition to renowned plenary speakers, we have 20 break-out speakers on Saturday. And, you have a choice of field trips on Thursday afternoon, Friday afternoon and Sunday morning at no additional cost! We offer 37 guided field trips in total!

Dates: Oct 15-18, 2015

Location: Austin Bergstrum Hilton Hotel and field trips all over Central Texas

Take a look at our state NPSOT website for more information about the symposium:
The complete symposium package for those who register prior to the end of September is $195 for Native Plant Society Members and $225 for non-members.