The Society publishes a member magazine in addition to this website. Opinions expressed in signed articles on the website and the magazine are those of the respective authors and do not necessarily reflect the official views of the Society.

Member magazine
Our magazine is published quarterly and distributed free to all Society members in current standing. Libraries, educational institutions and other organizations may qualify to receive the publication for a $5 annual fee. Contact the state coordinator at

Editorial submissions
The Native Plant Society of Texas encourages submission of articles, photos, pertinent news or other interesting information for publication. Submit articles or written items as email attachments. Send photos as email attachments in JPG, RAW or TIFF format. Larger file size and best quality are preferable. Magazine submission policies are available here.

We reserve the right to edit all submissions for accuracy, relevance, length, grammar or for other reason. In matters of style our print publication generally follows the Chicago Manual of Style. 

Unless prior arrangements with the editor are made, submissions may also appear on our website and linked on our social media pages.

Send all items to the addresses provided in the submission policies document.

We do not accept outside advertising in any of our publications.

Our website
To submit articles, photos or information specifically for inclusion on our website send the items via email to

Chapter websites and newsletters
Many of our chapters publish their own newsletters and websites. These have their own deadlines and guidelines. Please check with the appropriate editors, webmasters or other chapter contacts.