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Native Plant Society of Texas

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Benefits of Native Plants

You may already have heard about some of the benefits of native plants–savings on water, time, fertilizer, and pesticides—but there are many more reasons to choose native plants for your

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Creek Walk Across Texas

In this 30 minute presentation, riparian vegetation is highlighted across several major creeks and vegetational regions of Texas. The good, bad, and ugly will be shown as we take a

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Deer Survey Techniques

We’ll cover the who, what, where, when, why AND how of gathering population data for whitetail deer. Participants will learn the history of different techniques used to count bucks, does,

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Fish Pond Management

In this 1.25 hour presentation, we’ll cover the land management needed above the pond, fish identification, stocking rate recommendations, how to correct an out of balance pond, aquatic plant identification,

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