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Native Plant Society of Texas

Native Plant Submission Form

Thank you for contributing to the Native Plant Database! With the form below, you can easily contribute and enrich our database with new plant entries.

PLEASE COMPLETE ALL FIELDS BEFORE SUBMITTING THIS FORM. These essential details help us categorize and display the plants effectively.

  1. Plants must be submitted no later than 2 weeks prior to a plant sale or other deadline.  Otherwise, we cannot guarantee they will appear on your website in time.  This often to due to a backlog of requests and the schedule for new content that is saved to the website (Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8:30pm).
  2. Please use to check the most up to date scientific plant name. NPSOT no longer uses USDA. Add the URL for the plant to the Reference field below.
  3. Please use BONAP for plant distribution to help determine the ecoregions. If a plant occurs in only a tiny portion of an ecoregion then do not check that ecoregion.  Otherwise, it will over state the plants distribution on the map.  We hope to eventually include level 4 ecoregions for more accurate distribution maps. Click on the map for the plant. Add the URL for the plant to the Reference field below.
  4. Use for plant information and maintenance. Add the URL for the plant to the Reference field below.
  5. Also use for general plant information and description . Add the URL for the plant to the Reference field below.
  6. Please provide the sources for all plant information in the reference field. If the source is a book, use this format: Wasowski, Sally and Andy, Native Plants, Landscaping by Region, 1991, page 10.  If the source is a website, copy the URL of the page where you found the information.
  7. We have permission to copy photos from the following websites: a), b), c), d), e), f) or your own personal photos.
  8. Attach photos of as many aspects of the plant as possible: flower, leaf, bark, seed, fruit, full view, etc.
  9. Label photos with scientific name as the file name, along with leaf, flower, seed, etc. 
  10. Provide the name of the photographer in the notes field. If the photo is taken from the Wildflower Center plant database, please add the URL for the page on the website where the photo was copied.

Together, we can create a valuable resource promoting the conservation and appreciation of native plants. Thank you for your valuable contributions!

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