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Native Plant Society of Texas


Plant Resources, Guides, and Databases

Additional Resources & Member Recommendations

Ecoregion Map

Texas Ecoregion Map Due to its size and geographic location, Texas is unique among states. Covering 266,807 sq. miles, it is second only to Alaska in land area. A large

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Invasive Plants

Arundo donax; Photo credit: Deedy Wright On a global basis … the two great destroyers of biodiversity are, first, habitat destruction and second, invasion by exotic species.  E. O. Wilson,

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Man sitting at a computer, writing a note on a piece of paper.

Miscellaneous Resources

Miscellaneous resources for all things native plant gardening. Many of these documents are provided by members who have spent years developing presentations, articles, guides, course materials and more!

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Patch of purple flowers with a butterfly

Monarch Waystation Requirements

Monarch Waystations are places that provide all the resources necessary for monarchs to produce successive generations and sustain their migration. A Monarch Waystation needs milkweeds, nectar plants, and some kind of

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Native Gardens, Parks, and Trails

Where to See Native Plants These native places are great for seeing what plants have either been planted in attractive combinations / landscaping or how native plants community associations occur by Mother

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NICE! Native Plant Partners

The NICE Native Plant Partner program is a collaboration between the Native Plant Society of Texas and local nurseries around the state to offer native plants that are right for the local environment. Texas

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Image of stalk of grass with reddish/pink seeds

Plant Lists by Ecoregion

These plant lists and our Native Plant Database were developed for the Native Landscape Certification Program (NLCP) for use in the classes taught in that program. To find plants that

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Monarch on white mistflower

Pollinator Landscaping

Member Recommended Resources Many of our members are drawn to native plants because of the butterflies they attract. Below is a list of miscellaneous Monarch and milkweed resources as well

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Woman lounging outside under a tree, reading a book.

Recommended Reading

Over the decades, members have suggested books to one another. The list below includes publications that cover a variety of topics that our members find interesting and useful. However, the

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Woman in a bright pink shirt, speaking into a microphone

Speakers Bureau

Thank you for your interest in finding someone who “speaks” native plants and other related topics. You’ve come to the right place! This page was developed to help you find

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Symposium Proceedings

The Symposium Proceedings was an annual publication issued in conjunction with our fall symposium. Each year starting in 1991 the Society has celebrated the flora of a different region of

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Field of yellow flowers with mountains and blue sky in the background.

Texas Native Plants Magazine

Latest Issues Distribution Members Texas Native Plants is published quarterly and the digital version is distributed free to all Society members in current standing. The digital version is also available

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Golden flowers blowing in the wind

Wildscape Landscaping

Wildscaping is a way of designing your home’s landscape to attract and benefit wildlife, especially birds and butterflies, by providing the required food, water, and shelter. The ‘food’ component can

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Aerial view of neighborhood

Working with your HOA

Traditionally, HOAs prefer the manicured green turf grass and appointed evergreen ornamentals. Changing the perspective of what constitutes an ideal landscape can have its challenges.

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