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Native Plant Society of Texas

Guadalupe Chapter

October Membership Meeting

October 10, 2023 at 7.00 PM
St John Lutheran Church, FM 465 Marion, Texas

Bats are Cool!

Bats are amazing creatures. They pollinate our fruit, keep our insect population in check, and provide numerous benefits to our ecosystem. Krystie Miner will present us with interesting bat facts, and amaze us with all these creatures do for us.
Krystie Miner has been the Project Coordinator for Bracken Cave Preserve since January 2023. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Ecology from Boise State University and a Master’s degree in Conservation Biology from Texas State University. She has worked with a variety of wildlife including bats, birds, and fish, and is in training to become a Master Naturalist. In her current role, Krystie coordinates bat flight tours, research projects, and citizen science activities on Bracken Cave Preserve. Additionally, she conducts outreach and education to spread the word about ecological importance of bats.