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Brodie Wild

About Brodie Wild Project

A 4.4-acre water quality protection property at the corner of Slaughter Lane and Brodie Lane, Brodie Wild is a cooperative project between the Austin chapter of the Native Plant Society of Texas, the Native Prairies Association of Texas, and the City of Austin Water and Wastewater Department Wildlands Conservation Division. Brodie Wild lies in the Edwards Plateau Ecoregion near its intersection with the Texas Blackland Prairie Ecoregion.


Our goals are protecting water quality, restoring native vegetation and habitat, and educating the public about how to garden with native plants to protect water quality and reduce water usage.


Plant Lists [last updated 2006-07-02]

Other Lists (Birds, Butterflies, Insects, etc.) [Last updated 2006-04-16]


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Black and white ariel view of map