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Native Plant Society of Texas

Trinity Forks Chapter

NPSOT Trinity Forks Grant Program

The Fall 2023 Grant Application Period is now closed. Our Spring 2024 Grant Application Cycle will open on January 25th, 2024.

The Native Plant Society of Texas Trinity Forks Chapter awards grants to area organizations to help fund the development, expansion, or restoration of native habitats on public property. Priority is given to projects located in Cooke, Denton, Montague, and Wise counties, especially in underserved communities.

The goals of the NPSOT-TFC Grant Program are to

  • Educate members and the public about the importance of native plants,
  • Encourage projects that build or restore native habitats to support and increase diverse and numerous flora and fauna populations,
  • Promote the research, conservation and utilization of Texas native plants and plant habitats through education, outreach and example.


Grant Funds: Amount and Source

Grants are funded by the Trinity Forks Chapter. The total amount to be budgeted for this program varies from year to year. Individual grants of up to $1000 may be awarded; requests may be granted in full or in part, and the grantee is not required to match the amount of the grant awarded.

Grant Guidelines

  • A grant applicant must be directly involved in the project, serve as the project manager, and provide grant monitoring/reporting.
  • Only community projects are applicable; no private home projects will be considered. Community projects may include but are not limited to schools, religious groups, nonprofit organizations, governmental entities, and homeowner associations.
  • NPSOT-TFC grants may be combined with other private or public funds; other funding sources must be clearly specified in the Grant application.
  • Proof of project permission from the property owner is required.
  • Grant funding may be requested for new projects, the first phase of a long-term project, the continuation of an ongoing project, or part of a larger project. Awarded grants must fund projects or phases of projects that can be fully completed within one year of receipt.
  • Projects must incorporate native plants for our area’s ecoregion. Please refer to our website’s “Resources” tab for additional information including “NICE” nurseries where appropriate plants and seeds may be obtained.
  • Grant recipients may be asked to install “Partially Funded by NPSOT Trinity Forks Chapter” signage near the project area. (Signage provided by NPSOT Trinity Forks Chapter.)


Approved Expenditures

Funds must be spent only on native plants or seeds. Applications will be accepted for new habitats or for improvement of established habitats. Grant funds may not be spent on signage, hardscape features, barriers, soil, pesticides, or any other non-plant items.

Evaluation Criteria

The Grant Committee of the Trinity Forks Chapter evaluates grant applications and recommends recipients to the Chapter’s Board of Directors. Considerations include but are not limited to

  • Application Completeness
  • Project Feasibility
  • Community Benefit
  • Impact on Underserved Areas
  • Educational Opportunities


Questions for the Grant Committee may be sent at any time during the process to

Important Dates

Application and Status Report links are available on this Grant Program web page.

August 24, 2023

Application deadline.

September 18, 2023

Notification to award recipient(s) via email.

September 28, 2023

Announcement of award recipients at monthly

NPSOT-TFC meeting.

March 31, 2024

Mid-term grantee status report due.

September 30, 2024

Awarded grant funds must be spent,

unless an extension is requested.

Final grantee project evaluation report due.

Application deadline: August 24, 2023

We appreciate your stewardship of native plant communities!

This image below is the ‘after’ picture of a project partially funded by a previous grant:
This project was completed with previous grant funds.