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Native Plant Society of Texas



We are a group of individuals interested in preserving the natural flora and fauna of the beautiful state of Texas. Our membership is a very diverse group comprised of professional botanists, a physicist, business people, retired couples, families with children and young singles. We encourage the use of native plants at every opportunity and hold classes and seminars to further our endeavors. The threat to our native wildlife due to habitat loss and chemical abuse is a danger that cannot be ignored. Our fresh water resources are at risk from agriculture, manufacturing and oil & gas. Our goal is to rescue endangered and native plants whenever possible, encourage the reintroduction of native plants into the ecosystem & to educate the populace as to the value of a natural environment.

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A few of our native milkweeds

Two of the most important for monarch butterflies are Antelope Horns and Green Milkweed because they are common milkweeds that grow in pastures and along roadsides throughout the central flyway of Texas, the path that most Monarchs take on their migration through Texas.

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