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Native Plant Society of Texas

Houston Chapter

Wildscapes Grant Program

The Houston chapter of the NPSOT provides financial support, technical guidance, and recognition for projects that fulfill our mission–the promotion of research, conservation, and utilization of native plants and plant habitats of Texas through education, outreach, and example.

The goal of this grant program is to create new opportunities for establishing or conserving native wildlife habitats and educating the public, particularly in underserved communities in the Houston area. We also seek to increase opportunities for participation for our members and the public.


  • Funding Range: Up to $1,000. Please submit a request for funding in this range. Selected projects may be funded in whole or part.
  • A grant applicant must plan to be directly involved in the project, serve as the project manager and be responsible for grant monitoring and reporting.
  • This must be a community project, not a private home project. Community projects include schools, religious groups, non-profit organizations, governmental entities, charitable organizations, homeowner’s associations and other similar organizations.
  • Houston NPSOT funding may be combined with other private or public funds. Funding sources should be clearly specified in the Grant Application.
  • A project may be a new project, the first phase of a long-range project, the continuation of an ongoing project or part of a larger project. However, the Grant Program will only fund a specific project or part of a project that may be completed within a twelve-month period.
  • Projects must involve plants appropriate to our specific Ecoregion. Please refer to our Native Plant Info page for lists of plants and nurseries where appropriate plants and seeds can be obtained.


Evaluation of each submitted proposal will be based on the following criteria. It is not necessary for your project to meet all criteria.

  • Relevance to Grant Program goals.
  • Impact on underserved areas. Potential for increasing community knowledge about native plants and the need to conserve and restore native plant habitats. Basic knowledge of native plants must be demonstrated.
  • Opportunities for NPSOT member & public participation through work on the proposed project or through reproduction of the project at another location.
  • The degree to which the project can be duplicated by others in their own setting
  • The number of participants/attendees impacted by the proposed project over the expected lifetime of the project.
  • The proposed project’s feasibility will be analyzed in terms of the project timeline, completeness of the monitoring plan, the accuracy of the budget estimate and the availability of resources.
  • Potential for enhancing scientific understanding of native plants, including their conservation, restoration or role/benefits to the ecosystem.


We do not have a hard deadline. However, we wish to award grants at our September chapter meeting. So please turn in your application by early September.


You may download this google document or paste the form text onto your own letterhead. Email to