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Welcome to NPSOT's Dallas Chapter

Map of Texas with Blackland Prairie shown

The Blackland Prairie

The Dallas Chapter of NPSOT includes all of Dallas County and the twenty-two cities within its boundaries. 

We are in the Blackland Prairie Ecoregion:  Average rainfall 28-40 inches with peak rainfall usually in May, Hardiness Zone 8A, average annual minimum temps 15-10 degrees.

Wildflower Planting dates for our area are:
Spring – January 15th thru March 1st
Fall – October 1st thru December 1st

Check this link for a PDF of the USDA’s Hardiness Zone Map for Texas:

Our area is predominately an urban landscape, and the Dallas Chapter’s primary goal is to educate homeowners, businesses, and municipalities on the benefit of planting native landscapes. Each meeting, newsletter, field trip and activity will strive to achieve this goal.

Our meetings are the 3rd Monday of each month. If you cannot attend in person, the meetings will continue to be available on Zoom.

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Plant Propagation Guide – A basic guide to sharing your native plants with others through plant propagation.

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