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Save the Date for the Upcoming Fall Symposium!

Mark your calendars for the upcoming Native Plant Society of Texas Fall Symposium in Nacogdoches, Texas November 9-11th. Lodging details are expected in late May and registration is expected to open August 1.

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Native Plant Database

Search for plants that fit your landscape by soil type, sun/shade, height, and more!

Why Native Plants

  • Drought-tolerant, naturally conserving our precious water resources
  • Provide habitat and food for birds, butterflies, bees and other wildlife
  • Don’t need special pampering or fertilizing
  • Natural to their ecosystem
  • Help us maintain biological biodiversity

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The Native Plant Society of Texas partners with local nurseries and growers. Learn more about our NICE! Program and start shopping!

Latest Chapter News

Local chapters across the state help promote the Native Plant Society of Texas mission while providing a social context which many members enjoy. Each chapter chooses projects according to the interests of their members, and organizes local field trips, meetings, plant sales and other events. Most chapters publish their own websites and newsletters.

Possumhaw Holly Tree Root Sprouts
San Antonio

Gardening: Tips, Hints and Hacks June 2023

If you’ve been gardening for any amount of time, you have probably discovered practical gardening practices that work for you here in Central Texas. We’d love for you to share them with us! In coming newsletters, we’ll select and share one or two submissions.

Native Plant Demonstration Garden at the Harmony Hills Cabana Club
San Antonio

Harmony Hills Cabana Club Native Plant Garden

The San Antonio Chapter of the Native Plant society provided a grant to NPSOT members Ellen Hagan and Teresa Maslonka in 2022 to purchase plants for a native plant demonstration garden at the Harmony Hills Cabana Club.

Classes and Native Landscape Certification

Class Descriptions

Level 1 is a prerequisite for Level 2 and for Level 3. Subsequent levels may be taken in any order. NLCP is a state-wide program, but classes focus on the

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Gardening for Monarchs

Monarch & Milkweed Resources

Learn about Monarch Butterflies Monarch Joint Venture About the Monarch Butterfly Learn about Milkweed Texas Parks and Wildlife Identification of Milkweeds (Illustrated Guide) Milkweed seeds and propagation Learn about Butterfly

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Monarch Waystation Requirements

Monarch Waystations are places that provide all the resources necessary for monarchs to produce successive generations and sustain their migration. A Monarch Waystation needs milkweeds, nectar plants, and some kind of

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Garden Grants

Monarch Garden Grants The Native Plant Society of Texas awards small grants to nature centers, schools, educational groups and others to help fund development of Monarch Demonstration Gardens or Monarch Waystations

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