The Toolchest

Welcome to the Toolchest

The Toolchest is a collection of resources specifically selected to be useful for Native Plant Society chapters. Each tool is an idea or activity that has been found beneficial, or is an example of best practices for managing a chapter. Please write up your own favorite tools and submit them. If you have questions about a specific resource contact the author. Feedback about the Toolchest is welcome, especially requests for additional resources you would like to see.

The Toolchest is organized into tool documents arranged in four categories:

  • Manage  – Step by step guidance on starting a chapter, growing membership, publicizing chapter activities, and sustaining the chapter through leadership development.
  • Educate – guidance on landscaping and gardening, conservation and preservation of native plants and habitats, etc.
  • Advocate – How to instructions and ideas for external education, outreach, and advocacy activities.
  • Admin – Administrative tools, guidelines and a template for use in creating new tools.

Selecting any of these pull-down menus will reveal a vertical list of choices.  Select any of these, and a page of tool articles will appear.  In some cases, you may also see additional menu choices going off to the right.  Selecting any of these menu choices will reveal articles under those sub-headings.