Welcome to the Chapter Tool Chest

The Tool Chest is a collection of resources specifically selected to be useful for Native Plant Society chapters. Each tool is an idea or activity that has been found beneficial, or is an example of best practices for managing a chapter. Please write up your own favorite tools and submit them. If you have questions about a specific resource contact either the author or the VP Chapter Liaison. Feedback about the Tool Chest is welcome, especially requests for additional resources you would like to see.

Tool Chest Overview
Tool chest guidelines [pdf]
Tool chest template [pdf]

Chapter Management
Forming a new chapter [pdf]
Operating your chapter [pdf]
Growing your membership [powerpoint]
Image, public relations and the Native Plant Society [pdf]  [video]

Build and maintain a chapter website [link]
How to write a news release [pdf]  [template]
Guest speaker release form [pdf]
Chapter leaders discussion group [link]

Activities for Chapter Meetings
Suggestions for activities [pdf]
Suggestions for speakers [pdf]

How Operation Nice! got started [pdf]
Operation NICE! materials [pdf]
Ten years of being NICE! [pdf] [Video with all NICE! presentations]

Youth plant judging competition [pdf]


Landscaping & Gardening
Native garden hoedown [pdf]
NativeScape award application [pdf]