Guadalupe Rocks Texas Native Plant Week

To recognize the role of native plants in conservation and to provide incentive for school’s to teach children about the importance of native plants, the State of Texas established the third week in October as Texas Native Plant Week.

The Native Plant Society of Texas encourages the public to learn more about our amazing Texas native plants.

Volunteers from the Guadalupe Chapter of the Native Plant Society of Texas descended on three local nurseries in October 2015 to place more than 3,000 recommendation tags on native plants in celebration of Texas Native Plant Week. For the rest of October, finding native plants was as easy as strolling the aisles of locally-owned nurseries, looking for the 6” Texas Native label. Participating nurseries were The Green Gate in Seguin, Maldonado Garden Center in Seguin and Schulz Nursery in Marion. Compliments to Gloria Saenz, Donna Bratcher, Nancy Masterson, Clara Mae Marcotte, Francine and John Edson, Pam Turner, Treva Hicks, Liz Romero, Katie McLean, Betty Hughes, Marla Miller, and Janet Magee.

This page is provided and maintained by the Native Plant Society of Texas, a non-profit organization supported by grants, donations and member dues, which promotes research, conservation and utilization of native plants and plant habitats of Texas through education, outreach and example.
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Use our great tools to participate in Native Plant Week. The following links will help you find what to plant, how to plant, how to prune and where to find great native plants to add to your landscape.



Download a brochure on the Dangers of Invasive Species from Texas Parks & Wildlife Department.

Search the Texas Invasives Database to find out if a plant in your area is an aggressive, non-native tree that competes with native plants for resources.


To see questions that Mr. Smarty Plants at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center has answered from your area, visit Ask Mr. Smarty Plants  and select a topic, enter your city or zip code, or use any other search criteria. You can also click on the second link below the Search Smarty Plants box to submit your own native plant question online.

Also, see: How-to Article on Pruning a Tree



National Wildlife Federation’s Get Outside Program (with information on making a difference at home, in your backyard, at school, on campus and in your area).