The Texas Legislature sets aside the third week in October every year to recognize the important role of native plants in our environment.

Guadalupe Rocks Texas Native Plant Week

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Volunteers from the Guadalupe Chapter of the Native Plant Society of Texas descended on three local nurseries in October 2015 to place more than 3,000 recommendation tags on native plants in celebration of Texas Native Plant Week. For the rest of October, finding native plants was as easy as strolling the aisles of locally-owned nurseries, looking for the 6” Texas Native label. Participating nurseries were The Green Gate in Seguin, Maldonado Garden Center in Seguin and Schulz Nursery in Marion. Compliments to Gloria Saenz, Donna Bratcher, Nancy Masterson, Clara Mae Marcotte, Treva Hicks, Francine and John Edson, Pam Turner, Treva Hicks, Liz Romero, Katie McLean, Betty Hughes, Marla Miller, and Janet Magee.

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