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Everyone loves winecup

Posted on December 25th, 2008 by Bill Ward

Everyone seems to like the winecup. This Texas native is a favorite along highway rights-of-way and on wildflower trails, as well as in home gardens.

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Lacey oak

Posted on December 18th, 2008 by Bill Ward

A happy surprise for me several years ago when I began paying more attention to the trees of the Hill Country was “discovering” the Lacey oak (Quercus laceyi).  I especially was struck by the graygreen foliage, which in some lights has a bluish cast. In fact, many people refer to this tree as “blue oak.”  Blue is my favorite color for anything; so Lacey oak is one of my favorite native trees.

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Mistletoe is long associated with Yule

Posted on December 18th, 2008 by Owen Yost

Delve into all the research and you’ll find at least a dozen reasons why mistletoe is associated with the Yule season. Most of them have been clouded by time, myth and superstition. Nowadays most plant people know that mistletoe (Phoeradendron tomentosum) is a parasitic, native, mildly poisonous plant that we’d like never to see.

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Awards presented in Jasper

Posted on December 7th, 2008 by Gailon Hardin

The Society rewarded achievements in the field of native plants at the Awards Banquet in Jasper during its 2008 Fall Symposium.

The Lynn Lowrey Memorial Award for horticultural achievement in the field of Texas native plants was awarded to Greg Grant, for development of Malvaviscus drummondii x M arborea, ‘Pam Puryear’ or Pink Turk’s Cap.

The Nancy Benedict Memorial Award for an act of conservation/public service in the field of Texas native plants was presented to Julie Shackleford on behalf of The Conservation Fund, for coordination of securing additional acreage to be part of Big Thicket National Preserve.

The Carroll Abbott Memorial Award for writings in the popular vein on Texas native plants was presented to Charles M. Allen, Ph.D; Dawn Allen Newman, M.S. and Harry Winters, M.D. for their book  Grasses of Louisiana, 3rd Ed.

The Donovan Stewart Correll Memorial Award for scientific writing in the field of the native flora of Texas was presented to  Jackie M. Poole, William R. Carr, Dana M. Price, and Jason R. Singhurst, for Rare Plants of Texas: A Field Guide.

The Charles Leonard Weddle Memorial Award for lifetime achievement in the field of Texas native plants was presented to Carmine Stahl, storytelling naturalist, living encyclopedia, historian, expert in wild edibles and  native American plant use, and author.

Benny J Simpson Fellows Awards were presented to Kathy Saucier of Trinity Forks Chapter,and Marilyn and Dennis Perz of the Williamson County Chapter, Fellows Awards are awarded by popular vote  for service and work by a member for the enrichment of the Society.

The Caddo Wildflower Chapter was named Chapter of the Year by President Carol Feldman.

The Symposium was held in Jasper after Hurricane Ike caused damage to the planned site in Beaumont. The symposium was hosted by the Pineywoods Chapter, the Beaumont Chapter and the Houston Chapter, as well as the Louisiana Native Plant Society and the Big Thicket Association.