Corpus, Texarkana to be symposium sites

By on January 20, 2013

The State Board has decided on Corpus Christi as the site of the 2013 symposium and Texarkana as the site for the 2014 symposium.

whooping cranesEach Fall the Native Plant Society of Texas holds a three-day confab in a different part of Texas, with speakers, workshops, exhibits and field trips, all centered on the ecoregion of the host site. The Corpus symposium will be hosted by the South Texas Chapter, based in Corpus.

The 1994 symposium was also held in Corpus. The 2004 symposium was held in Longview which shares a similar ecoregion as Texarkana.

The State Board approved proposals for the sites while meeting in Fredericksburg on January 19 for its quarterly meeting.