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Next Chapter Meeting: San Antonio’s Growth and Its Impact on the Urban Environment –
Gail Gallegos, Chris Babis, and Tyler Sanderson

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The “perceived wildness” within San Antonio’s city limits is one of our city’s most endearing qualities. A system of drainages and greenways is in place and being expanded to protect the undisturbed bits of our city that remain. But with the fast-paced development being wooed and courted here causing a projected doubling of SA’s regional population in the next 50 years, it is painfully evident that we are losing our wild very quickly in the face of relentless paving-over. Additionally, concern for each community’s right to interpret the protections it needs is heightened as some Texas legislators move to ban local ordinances such as our tree ordinance and other cities’ plastic-bag ordinance claiming that the state knows best what each town needs.

What can we do locally to protect the natural environment of San Antonio? The mission of Green Spaces Alliance of South Texas www.greensatx.org is “to sustain the natural environment and enhance urban spaces land conservation, through community engagement and education.” At our March 28 meeting, GSA’s Executive Director, Gail Gallegos, will address the explosive growth in San Antonio and how the need for preserving urban green space is more important now than ever. Gail will address key areas of interest, strategies, and possible solutions for retaining our valuable undeveloped spaces. Her colleagues at GSA, Chris Babis and Tyler Sanderson, will describe the organization’s Urban Land & Water Program and its Land Conservation Program.

Special feature: At this meeting, we will have a raffle for Wildroot Organic Mycorrhizal Concentrate. This is the mycorrhizal product discussed by David & Teresa Steinbrunner at the February 28 chapter meeting. The Steinbrunners gave our chapter a 5-oz. bag of their Organic Concentrate ($39 value, will make 250 gallons of solution and will keep for years if stored properly) which will be raffled as well as 1-oz bags.

Free and open to the public! If you like what you hear, please consider becoming a member! To “Join” use this hyperlink Join NPSOT


6:30 pm – Native plant/seed exchange & Social time
7:00 pm – Meeting and program
Lions Field Adult Center
2809 Broadway (corner of Mulberry & Broadway by Brackenridge Park)
Map to Lions Field Adult Center


Guide for Native Plants Viewing in Bexar County

Know your Natives: What and where in Bexar County
A map and listing of Parks, Properties, Greenways, Community Gardens, Commercial Businesses and Schools showing use of Texas Native Plants. Guide identifies each location with certain attributes such as – landscapes with butterflies or pollinators in mind, demo gardens, guided tours, rain gardens, plants tagged, trails with native plants/trees.