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Native Plants and Native Birds: A Relationship Worth Nurturing
Patsy Inglet

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Native plants and native birds have developed together over time and have a strong reciprocal relationship. Hill Country residents who nurture this relationship will be rewarded with beautiful landscapes appropriate to the area and the wonderful birds they will attract and sustain. Birds and plants just naturally go together. You can’t really have any kind of plants without attracting some birds. Plant a shrub or a tree, and they just show up. But do we want just any kind of plants attracting just any kind of birds? Research shows that even small native habitats can add up to a big difference for native birds. To help birds, each of us has to DO important things that are good for birds. Each of us can make a difference for birds where we are.

6:30 pm – Native plant/seed exchange & Social time
7:00 pm – Meeting and program
Lions Field Adult Center
2809 Broadway (corner of Mulberry & Broadway by Brackenridge Park)
Map to Lions Field Adult Center

Free and open to the public!

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Guide for Native Plants Viewing in Bexar County

Know your Natives: What and where in Bexar County
A map and listing of Parks, Properties, Greenways, Community Gardens, Commercial Businesses and Schools showing use of Texas Native Plants. Guide identifies each location with certain attributes such as – landscapes with butterflies or pollinators in mind, demo gardens, guided tours, rain gardens, plants tagged, trails with native plants/trees.


Vote for Native Texas Plants that Support the Monarch Butterfly

The Alamo Area Monarch Collaborative has created a petition to request that nurseries and growers stock more plants utilized by the Monarch Butterfly.
Click the link below to view/complete the petition.

Petition for Monarch Plants

Plants included are:
Western Ironweed
Texas Blazing Star
Texas Lantana
White Boneset
Maximillian Sunflower
Texas Milkweed
Engelmann’s Daisy
Lindheimer’s Senna
Tall Goldenrod
Prairie Verbena