Operation NICE!

Look for the NICE! logo and sign in your favorite retail nursery.  NICE! is an acronym for “Natives Instead of Common Exotics.”

NICE_tm2Each local Operation NICE!™ program creates its own list of Plant of the Month (POM) plants (in some areas a Plant of the Season) in cooperation with wholesalers in order to assure availability, and in cooperation with participating local nurseries.  The Native Plant Society of Texas then helps promote the Plant of the Month through newspaper articles, posters at the point of sale and other means. Usually an information sheet on the plant is available at the nursery along with care and planting instructions.

Look for signs like this one in participating nurseries. NICE! features a different native plant each month or season.

Our goal is to increase supply and demand for Texas native plants. Plant availability is determined by contacting local wholesalers. This results in the selection of plants that are currently available in quantities in sufficient sizes and number to supply the participating nurseries. These quantities will vary depending on the type of plant – perennial vs. tree, for instance.

Operation NICE!™ started out when members in the Boerne area saw a need to educate the public about which plants are native to their region. Their hope was that people would then request these plants from their local nurseries. Demand for the plants would encourage nurseries and wholesalers to seek out and supply native plants.

Texas is a big state and plants selected for one region may not always be the right choice in a different region. Therefore plants selected for Operation NICE! often differ from one area to another.

To learn more about Operation NICE! in your own area visit the website of the local chapter nearest you. Following is a list of chapters with Operation NICE! programs and links to their websites, where you can find information about NICE! plants, along with information on nurseries where they can be purchased.

A complete list of all our local chapters is available on the Chapters tab.