Operation NICE!


Look for the NICE! logo and sign in your favorite retail nursery.  NICE! is an acronym for “Natives Instead of Common Exotics.”

Texas is a big state and plants that work for one region may not always be the right choice in a different region. The Native Plant Society of Texas created the Operation NICE! program to help nurseries select natives that are right for the local environment.

Each local Operation NICE!™ program creates its own list of Plant of the Month (POM) plants (in some areas a Plant of the Season) in cooperation with wholesalers in order to assure availability, and in cooperation with participating local nurseries.  The Native Plant Society of Texas then helps promote the Plant of the Month through newspaper articles, posters at the point of sale and other means. Usually an information sheet on the plant is available at the nursery along with care and planting instructions.

Nurseries participating in Operation Nice!

Meador NurseryDentonwww.meadornursery.com
Painted Flower FarmDentonwww.paintedflowerfarm.com
Schmitz Garden CenterFlower Moundwww.sgcdfw.com
Shades of GreenFriscowww.shadesofgreeninc.org
Canyon Lake Ace HardwareCanyon Lakehttp://www.canyonlakeace.com/
South Texas GrowersBulverdehttp://southtexasgrowers.com/
Maldonado NurserySeguinhttp://www.maldonadolandscaping.com/
Schultz NurseryMarion http://www.schulznursery.com/directions.html
Green GateSeguin
Natives of TexasKerrvillehttp://nativesoftexas.com/
Plant haus 2Kerrvillehttp://theplanthaus2.com/
Alltex Nursery & LandscapesKerrvillehttp://alltexlandscapes.com/
Gardens at the RidgeKerrvillehttp://gardensattheridge.com/
Stuarts NurseryWeatherfordhttp://www.stuartnurseryinc.com/
Weatherford GardensWeatherfordhttp://weatherfordgardens.com/

Look for signs like this one in participating nurseries. NICE! features a different native plant each month or season.

Operation NICE! programs are run by our local chapters. Following is a list of chapters with NICE! programs and links to their websites, where you can find information about NICE! plants, along with information on nurseries where they can be purchased.

A complete list of all our local chapters is available on the Chapters tab.