Vote for your State Board


For the first time in our history the Native Plant Society will conduct its State Board election over the Internet.

If you are a member of the Society please review the candidate biographical information and then cast your ballot.

Candidates for office were chosen by our Nominating Committee, consisting of chair Lonnie Childs and members Pam Allison, Jan Hanz, Kay Jenkins, Ilse Meier, John Nikolatos and Carolyn Walden. You may also vote for a write-in candidate.

Members have until September 30 to cast their ballot. Elected candidates will take office at the Annual Meeting in October and serve a two-year term.

New landscaping at headquarters


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The State Office is enjoying some new landscaping courtesy of Fredericksburg member Kathy Lyles.

Slate nominated for State Board


The Nominating Committee announced its slate of candidates for open board positions at the quarterly meeting in Fredericksburg. An election will be held by online and paper ballot during the month of September and results will be announced during the Annual Meeting in Austin on October 18, 2015.

Candidates announced by the Nominating Committee include Cecil Carter for President-elect; Kathy Trizna for VP, Advocacy; Kay Jenkins for VP, Chapter Liaison; Stephen Breuggerhoff for VP, Communications; Kevin Janni for VP, Environmental Liaison; Martha Peete for VP, Finance.

No other candidates have been nominated; however write-in candidates will be permitted. Members will receive complete instructions for voting in the Society newsletter and by email.

Cecil is a former president of the Trinity Forks Chapter and currently serves on the State Board as VP, Finance. He has been a consultant to a variety of non-profit clients for the past 15 years and an adjunct professor of economics.

Kathy has held positions in both the Houston and Austin chapters and currently serves as chair of the Symposium Committee. She has a masters in geology and an MBA from MIT and previously worked in the oil and gas industry.

Kay serves as newsletter editor and webmaster for the Tyler Chapter and is a member of the NLCP Steering Committee. She helped plan the 2014 symposium in Texarkana. Kay has an MS in Forestry and works as a regional natural resources coordinator for Texas Parks and Wildlife.

Stephen is the current VP Communications and a member of the Williamson County Chapter. He has a Masters in Forest Services and has worked for non-for-profit environmental organizations for 15 years. He currently works for Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service.

Kevin is the current VP Environmental Liaison and a member of the Dallas Chapter. Kevin has a MS in Biology and is an environmental consultant.

Martha is the treasurer for the Trinity Forks Chapter. She has an MLS and PhD in Information Science and is retired.

The Nominating Committee is chaired by Lonnie Childs (Fredericksburg Chapter) and includes Pam Allison (Amarillo), Jan Hanz (Austin), Kay Jenkins (Tyler), Ilse Meier (Tonkawa), John Nikolatos (San Antonio), and Carolyn Walden (Boerne).