The Native Plant Society of Texas awards small grants to nature centers, schools, educational groups and others to help fund development of Monarch demonstration gardens or Waystations on public sites in their immediate areas. This program was started to educate members and the public about Monarch conservation and to encourage restoration of Monarch habitats throughout the Texas migration flyway.

Amount and Source of Funds

Grants are funded by Native Plant Society of Texas, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Monarch Watch and by individual donations to the Bring Back the Monarchs to Texas (BBMT) program.

The total amount of monies to be budgeted for this program varies. Normally it is an amount that will provide for grants ranging from $50 to $400.00. Groups are not required to spend their own funds to match the amount of the grant.

Approved Types of Expenditures

Funds must be spent on native milkweeds and native nectar plants. Applications will be accepted for new gardens and improvement and maintenance of previously installed Monarch Waystations or Monarch Demonstration Gardens. Plants can be replaced or milkweeds can be added.

Grant Administration Committee

The Bring Back the Monarchs to Texas Committee shall serve as the grant administration committee. The committee’s duties are to evaluate and rank grant applications and to award grants. Evaluation will be based on each plan’s completeness, feasibility and benefit to the Society and to the programs goals.


  • Application to the Grant Committee must be made by February 15 of the year the grant is needed.
  • Grants will be awarded by March 1.
  • Funds are to be spent by June 30 of the grant year.
  • Project evaluation report will be filed with the Grant Administration Committee by July 30.


The Bring Back the Monarchs to Texas Committee chairman will monitor the progress of the project once a month. Either she or her representative (in case travel distance is excessive) will attempt to visit the site near project fund expenditure date June 30. By July 30, the grantee will submit a short written report to the Bring Back the Monarchs to Texas Committee giving the project status or results, including lessons learned that would help others on similar projects, records of man-hours contributed by each volunteer and project accounting statement with invoices (budget reconciliation) for record keeping. This information will be used to capture results of the program.

 Download Application Form here

  • List person responsible for the administration of the project, their affiliation and their contact information.
  • List organization(s) supplying volunteers, estimated # of volunteers, & their estimated man-hours to be contributed.
  • Describe on page one how the project will further the mission of the program.
  • Describe on page two the project location and design concept. Include a sketch plan and a list of native milkweeds and native plants to be used. List each species being used and how many. (All projects must use only indigenous native plants.)
  • On page three create an activity/task schedule and maintenance program.


Submit application to

Bring Back the Monarchs to Texas Committee

Attn: Cathy DownsAttn: Gracie Waggener
105 Feather Hill Road2703 Bandera Hwy.
Comfort, TX 78013Kerrville, TX 78028
830 377-1632210-885-7980

Application Deadline February 15

Determination of a Monarch Watch Monarch Waystation 

Monarch Waystation requirements for certification may be determined by following the link below.


USFWS monarchwatch