Welcome to the Kerrville Chapter of the Native Plant Society of Texas!

The Kerrville Chapter of the Native Plant Society of Texas is going on summer vacation!  We will resume our regular monthly programming on September 8th at the Riverside Nature Center with a talk by Mary Irish:  “Who’s Afraid of Big Bad Botanical Names?”  Operation NICE! will continue operating, so be sure to check the NICE! page of this site to find out about the NICE plant for the summer.   AND our wonderful exhibit on wildflowers and other natives at the Riverside Nature Center has been held over until August 10th!
Atrium Exhibit
in the Atrium of the Riverside Nature Center, 150 Francisco Lemos through August 10th.

9 a.m. – 4 p.m. weekdays, 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. Saturdays, 1-4 p.m. Sundays.

This glorious RNC exhibit shows the beauty of wildflowers and other native plants, as

well as their role in how people think about Texas’ most colorful season. Includes the story of early Texas botanists and naturalists of note.  Brought to you by the Kerrville Chapter of the Native Plant Society of Texas, the Riverside Nature Center, and Native American Seed.

NPSOT/Kerrville Board goes to bat to protect native wildflowers from early mowing.  The following letter was sent to the editors of local newspapers and County Commissioners.

Attention City and County landscape caretakers and land owners:

The Native Plant Society of Texas/Kerrville Chapter Board members met recently to discuss issues related to native plants. Friends and neighbors are talking about the blaze of wildflower
blooms we are all admiring and enjoying in open fields, along roadways, in parks, and in our own landscape. Obviously the recent good fortune of needed rain at just the right time plus the seed bank of wildflowers that were lying in wait for just such a prime moment can be credited with this bounty from nature.

Now we need to be careful to not start mowing before all the flowers have had the opportunity to produce mature seeds. Sure some seeds will be devoured by wildlife and we must share. Also we have a concern to not let dead stems and dry grasses be left too long as the hot dry days ahead of summer promise. We have to consider fuel for wildfires and factor in the right time to mow. But we know that frequent and persistent mowing will deplete diversity and slowly wipe out the quantity and quality of wildflowers.

Lady Bird Johnson is credited with smiling and tactfully talking the Texas highway department into allowing mature seeding to take place before mowing. She’s not here to charm our city and county landscape caretakers so we hope to accomplish the same goal with a “pretty please” don’t mow too early or too frequently. It would be wonderful if this part of the Hill Country could be known for a beautiful show of seasonal wildflowers.

Native Plants To GoIf you missed our amazing and useful April program, you can access Sandra and Scott Magee’s free downloadable books at http://csmapps.webs.com/.  To learn more, click here.

IMG_0824The Kerrville Chapter of the Native Plant Society of Texas is in the process of creating two Native Plant Gardens at the Riverside Nature Center.  Deer-resistant plants (those low on the list of deer preferences) will be featured in a raised bed outside the fence. Conservation gardening priority plants (those overgrazed by deer) are featured in the meadow behind the fence.

Help Preserve the Health and Beauty of the Hill Country–