We Won Most # Species: City Nature Challenge

We Won!
Greater Houston WON Most Species Found
During City Nature Challenge, April 14-18

Thanks to all the 417 people in greater Houston who posted to iNaturalist during the City Nature Challenge 2017, the answer to the Challenge’s question “Which City Can Find the Most Nature?” is Greater Houston! We not only won in Texas, we won in the entire country with an offical tally of 2419 species posted – just 18 more than Austin, with which we were neck and neck on the last day! Dallas won the most observations posted and Los Angelos won most number of people posting. We won the MOST IMPORTANT CATEGORY and were in the top five in the other two categories.

The person in greater Houston who posted the most observations is NPSOT-H’s Kelly Walker. Second is Andy Newman of Harris County Flood Control. The two who posted the most number of species are first Andy Newman and second, Jed Aplaca of Natural Resources Manager of Houston Park and Recreation Department. Come to the meeting on Thursday and meet Andy Newman, who will be making a special request to us.

Also, Jed Aplaca will be teaching “a free plant identification training course this month. This three day training will focusing on characteristics of plant families and how to identify common native and non-native species found within the Houston area. Classroom sessions and field identification will be provided each day: Training Dates: May 24, 2017 9am to 12pm; May 31, 2017 9am to 12pm; June 7, 2017 9am to 12pm… Space is limited. Please register here to reserve your spot.”

Most of us already knew that greater Houston is incredibly diverse with our coastal prairie, seashore, coastal marches and wetlands, piney woods and forests, and riparian habitats. Now the entire nation knows, thanks to all those who participated in this year’s challenge. Please sharpen your skills for next year, when the City Nature Challenge goes international! Tip for next year: Jaime Gonzalez noted that no one took the Bolivar Ferry this year and posted dolphin as a species!

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