Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

October 12, 2017

The Oct. 12, 2017 meeting of the NPSOT Cross Timbers Chapter was held at the Cherry Park Community building in Weatherford. President Cleo Pitman called the meeting to order at 6:35 pm.

Minutes: There were no corrections to the August Minutes. The Sept. Minutes are posted on the website. If you have any changes or additions to the September minutes, please contact Kathy DeMaggio, Secretary, with the changes (

Attendance: 27 members and 5 guests signed in. Total head count was 32.

Treasurer: The Treasurer’s report was read by George Whitenight. Beginning balance was $3185.78 and with no expenses paid out, the balance is still $3185.78. There were no corrections so the Treasurer’s Report is approved as read.

Membership: Tonight’s refreshments are provided by Libby Afflerbach and Cleo Pitman. Visitors: Cleo recognized our guests.
• Did you all receive the Newsletter – Natives N Nature? If you have any questions,

comments or suggestions, let us know. Everyone seemed to like it.
• Fall Symposium is scheduled for Nov. 3-4 in Huntsville on the campus of Sam Houston

State Univ. See details on the state web site. Does anyone have a donation for the Silent Auction at the symposium? If so contact Jacque Wortman or Cleo. Raffle tickets for the quilt are available for $2 ea.
Also, Oct. 13 is the deadline to enter the video contest. Check the NPSOT website.

• Next month is our annual Pot Luck Dinner on Nov. 9. Come at 6:00 if you would like to help decorate. The sign up sheet has been passed around to let us know what you are bringing.

Old Business:

• Nominations – Nominations are still open. Current nominations for the office of President are Jacque Wortman, and Vice-President is Cameron Goebel. Secretary, Kathy DeMaggio, and Treasurer, George Whitenight, have agreed to stay on for another year’s service. If anyone else would like to serve on the board, please let Mike Wortman or Jeff Murray know.

• Gordon Community Center Monarch Waystation Garden – Carolyn Barnard, Gordon Garden Club, had a slide show of the condition it was originally in, what they have already done, pictures of how it is now, and their plans for the future. Cleo presented a check of $125, $100 which was approved by the board and $25 from our previous speaker in Sept., Manon Shockey, who donated her speaker fee.

New Business:

Our member, Kerry Newberry, submitted an opportunity for our chapter to help PLAN the pollinator bed at the Lake Mineral Wells State Park. She asked if our members would also help plant, maintain or refresh this project, let her know. They have the money to do the project. She also mentioned the 100 acre Paul Mathews Blackland Prairie in Hunt County for sale for $50,000. Dec. is the deadline, but maybe several people could go in to purchase the property.

Meeting is adjourned. Short break for refreshments.

Plant of the Month – Larry Thornton presented Prairie Flameleaf Sumac. Rufus lanceolata can get to 30’ tall or as a shrub 4- 5 ft. tall. And as we all know our Latin by now, the leaves are lance-shaped. They are in the cashew family, monoecious, with winged rachis. The plant can get out of control, but put it in a spot that will allow some growing room. If left alone, is less likely to colonize. Has a white flower, then beautiful red berries. The foliage in fall is bright orange. This sumac is not poisonous. Actually the berries can be made into a tea. The plant is heat, drought and cold tolerant. Likes sun. Rocky, calcareous, well drained soils. Larval host to the Red-banded Hairstreak and Banded Hairstreak.

There are other Rhus plants: Rhus glabra (smooth stem, serrated leaves), Rhus aromatica, Rhus virens (evergreen sumac), and Rhus capallinum in East Texas that Larry mentioned.

After his talk, Jacque presented Larry with a gift certificate. Larry’s employer is transferring him to Oregon and we really appreciated all the work he did for the Plant of the Month.

Program: The Plant Swap was explained by Jacque. Good thing there are rules! There were an abundance of plants to choose from. Everyone got a plant and the intended left-overs were donated to Carolyn Barnard for the Gordon Community Garden project.

Respectfully submitted, Kathleen DeMaggio, Secretary