It’s finally here! Recommended Plant List for Boerne and Surrounding Counties

After many months, seems like decades, of blood, sweat, tears, and near mutiny, the recommended plant list for Boerne and surrounding counties is ready for its debut! This list is, and will continue to be, an ever-evolving project. It is not meant to be exhaustive, although that would be the effect it IMG_0254had on the committee members on numerous occasions. We welcome your input and experience, and encourage you to contact us with any comments and suggestions you may have. Primary committee members include Wilt Shaw, Suzanne Young, Betty Dunn, and Emily Weiner. Please feel free to contact me at and I will forward any comments to the appropriate committee person(s).

You will find the link to the Word document on the right sidebar of this page, under “Hot off the Press”

The 2013 NICE! Plants of the Month

2013 NICE! Poster
Check out our NICE! Plants of the Month for 2013. Hot off the press! 2013 looks like it’s going to be a spectacular year, and we’ve picked out some wonderful native plants to enrich your landscapes. Click on this link to see our 2013 poster.