Tour of Willowbrook Reach

Who knew about these backyard gems?

Willowbrook Reach, a half-mile stretch of Upper Boggy Creek in the Cherrywood neighborhood of East Austin, offered a great example of what a community can do to restore habitat along a creekbed.  David Boston, of Friends and Lovers of Willowbrook Reach, and Staryn Wagner of the City’s Watershed Dept., met about 15 NPSOTers for the low-down and tour.

Remember the old airport?

The pond at Mueller Prairie - onetime parking lot for Austin's old airport!

We then had a great visit to Mueller Prairie, just a few blocks away, to see a larger-scale, work-in-progress in re-establishing short and tall grass prairies right here in the city.  Janelle Dozier, of Friends of the Prairie, as well as many prairie birds–meadowlarks, scissortails and snowy egrets–were there to greet us.